Guy Penrod & Jason Crabb Exculsive Online Concert Report- Rhonda Frye


The Jason Crabb, Guy Penrod 2 Voices 1 Message tour kicked off earlier this fall and stopped on the campus of Tennessee Temple University at Highland Park Baptist Church October 21, 2010.  After the church staff warmly welcomed the audience, Penrod and Crabb came to the stage.  With piano accompaniment, Penrod set the tone for the entire evening by singing “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”  Crabb followed with “ I need Thee Every Hour” then together they sang “Amazing Grace.”  Jason Crabb introduced Guy Penrod by recalling the first time he ever heard Guy sing on a cd.  “I nearly sang my voice out, thought I was going to have to pull over and pass out trying to hit those high notes”, stated Crabb- with laughter!

Guy Penrod took center stage as Jason Crabb took his front row seat.  Guy invited the congregation to sing along with “Yes I know” and “O The Blood of Jesus.”  The audience participation was beautiful sounding like a church choir. “ I just wanted to hear you sing.  Wow, We need a bigger bus”, commented Penrod.  He sang a few selections from his Gaither days and also from his latest album, “Breathe Deep.”  Breathe deep is a collection of inspirational songs dealing with every day life.  He shared songs with deep value about marriage and family complete with slide show of his 8 children!  Regarding his song “Even When We Do”, Penrod stated: “We don’t sing enough love songs in church!”  After polling the audience to find the couple being married the longest, he asked 50 year marriage veteran for a marriage tip.  “Stand up and Listen”, replied the husband.  In addition to blessing the audience with his tremendous vocal talent and tender lyrics, he followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and shared deep biblical truths between each song.  “Now you know why I had to leave the Gaither Vocal Band….For 14 years, I’ve had all this pinned up”, Penrod jokingly said.  Every truth  penetrated the hearts of those listening, but perhaps the truth driven hard in the most gentle way was this:  “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Nothing!”  This message stemmed from the song “Pray About Everything” and was the sincere message communicated from the bottom of Penrod’s heart.  “God is a God of adventure.  He’s in Control.”  He advised the audience to be aware of the evil one, but pointed out that he is AS a roaring lion, NOT the lion.”  As Penrod continued to impart biblical truths, who ‘HE’ was grew dim and Jesus Christ within him was brilliantly seen.  Before leaving the platform, Penrod prayed a warm prayer of blessing balanced with authority and meekness.  

During the intermission, Penrod and Crabb mingled with the crowd signing autographs, posing for pictures and listening to their fans.  Following the break, Penrod’s respect for Crabb was genuinely obvious as he called him to the platform.  Jason came on stage with that predictable Crabb enthusiasm and energy he’s known for.  The band as always, was incredible!  “I love the old songs of the church”, Jason said as he began a fun medley of “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms” and “I’ll Fly Away.”  Crabb divided the audience into 2 categories age 40 & above and 39 & below for a sing-off competition during “I’ll Fly Away”- The church was full of smiles!  During his time on stage, he sang a few Crabb Family favorites as well as hits off his Grammy & Dove award winning album, “Jason Crabb.”   Amazingly, Jason sang “Through the Fire” with as much zeal as he did when the song first came out, obviously clinging tightly to the song’s message.  The audience responded in worship, many standing to their feet with hands lifted.  Like Penrod, Crabb followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and shared meaningful stories and biblical truths.  Per his request, the house lights were left on throughout the rest of his set as he shared touching real life stories about his Grandfather’s failing health and loss of battle with cancer as well as his wife’s family’s struggle with the disease of Alzheimer’s.  Perhaps the most captivating story was that of his Father’s testimony of how he came back to the Lord.  As Jason shared that testimony along with the songs “Please Forgive Me” and Please Come Down to Me- back to back, faint sobs could be heard around the sanctuary.  “Your deep dark secrets didn’t shock God, He knew and took your deep dark secrets and nailed them to the cross”, Jason explained.  Crabb reminded the audience of Penrod’s one “take-a-way”, don’t worry bout nothin’ and proceeded to give his:  “If you love somebody, go home and tell them.  If you need to make up do it, time is short!”

The entire evening was completely heart-warming and couldn’t have concluded any better.  Jason Crabb and Guy Penrod came together to close with “The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference.”  Side by side stood perhaps the most powerful, popular and accomplished people in Southern Gospel Music today.   Talented beyond description, young- handsome- in all honesty could be standing ANYWHERE in the world, but both have chosen to serve God with their talents.  Beautiful!   The Old Rugged Cross DID make the difference in their lives!  Two voices- One message couldn’t be more accurate.  The only message was Jesus Christ, not Guy Penrod or Jason Crabb- in fact- the entire evening passed and not a single accomplishment was ever mentioned.   Crabb & Penrod’s  identity with Southern Gospel Music was completely hidden in their identity in Christ thus demonstrating real people with real faith.

SGNScoops expresses appreciation to Highland Park Baptist Church for hosting the 2Voices-1 Message Tour and to Jason Crabb and Guy Penrod for representing Jesus Christ amazingly well!  For more information on Guy Penrod, visit and for more information on Jason Crabb, visit  Both sites provide 2 voices 1 message tour destinations.

Online Report- Given & Written By Rhonda Frye, Photo Credit- Eric Frye