World Orphans Day Commemorated on November 8, 2010 to Help Haiti and Other Areas Worldwide in Desperate Need

(Lake Wylie, SC – October 19, 2010)  Every two seconds, a child somewhere in the world is orphaned. The pandemic of homeless and orphaned children continues to grow at an astonishing rate, leaving 145 million children orphaned or displaced globally. Again this year, World Orphans Day, an initiative of The Stars Foundation, is being observed on the second Monday in November to bring awareness and recognition to the plight of orphans and displaced children around the world.  Learn how to can get involved and make a difference by visiting the World Orphans Day online at as well as the international humanitarian aid organization, The Stars Foundation, at
World Orphans Day efforts work to create a better, safer, more secure environment for orphans and displaced children both domestically and in the developing world. This year, World Orphans Day will be celebrated through a variety of grassroots events led by students, churches and businesses that include prayer walks and vigils, candlelight vigils, concerts and more — all designed to encourage the public to generate local support and global aid, and celebrate local proclamations to commemorate World Orphans Day. The Stars Foundation has been notified of events taking place as far away as Nairobi and future countrywide plans for Australia.
Geoff Bodine recently came on board as an Ambassador of Goodwill for The Stars Foundation. His upcoming promotional events and television exposure will offer maximum publicity for The Stars Foundation and its flagship day. U.S. Congressman John Spratt is also acknowledging World Orphans Day in a proclamation.
The annual flagship event of The Stars Foundation also generated interest within the racing community in the Charlotte, NC area.  Raush Yates Engines and other racing teams are donating sheet metal and auction items for Country Music Marketplace Auctions and other online partners for the humanitarian aid fundraising efforts. Sheetmetal from the cars of Greg Biffle, Richard Petty Motorsports, Carl Edwards, Paul Menard, and Matt Kenseth have been donated from the sponsors.
Cliff Feldman, President of The Stars Foundation, recently returned from Haiti, where he met President Rene Preval.  Feldman has assisted in getting over 50 containers of aid into the country since the devastating earthquake hit the impoverished country in January.
“I have seen many horrors in my 25 years working in this field but the earthquake in Haiti was brutal, leaving so many families of all classes under tents. If that was not bad enough I believe that the U.N., the international community, the Haitian government and the American NGO community has failed miserably in their response to the disaster. Billions of dollars were doled out to organizations with no plan and no accountability,” said Cliff Feldman.
Founder Cheryl Robeson Clemmons encourages individuals to realize that they have the power to make a huge difference in the life of a child.
“We want to inspire and empower especially the youth in the donor countries to awaken to the needs of the impoverished children of the world. Create your own fundraising efforts in your own way, and connect through a church or civic group, or our website to help us attain our goals of shipping over $100,000,000 dollars of goods in kind next year. The Power of One is our message to the youth and the world. Everyone CAN make a difference for a child in need.” said Cheryl Clemmons.
About World Orphans Day 2010:
World Orphans Day, an initiative of The Stars Foundation, contributes to raising public awareness about the plight of orphaned and displaced children, whose numbers are on the rise. Only a large scale and sustainable political, social and moral awakening and movement by global governments, NGO’s and religious groups can address this.  More information is available online at