Kris Miller’s Tribute to Fathers

Kris Miller released her new song “I’m listening now” in time for Father’s day. It’s a lovely tribute from her heart to Fathers everywhere. It expresses a child’s gratitude, who finally realizes the wisdom and love that their Dad has given them all through the years. It’s amazing how much smarter they get as we grow up.

Kris and the well known songwriter Marc A. Barnette wrote this song together. It has won many awards already including 1st place in the prestigious ICM award songwriting contest last Oct. and 1st place at the North American Country Music International Awards for co/writing.

Kris’ songwriting has become recognized all through the music industry as being truly inspirational. “I feel the Lord has us go through so many trials and tribulations in this life, along with wonderful and miraculous experiences, to know that as a loving Father, He’s always there to guide us and protect us. We just have to listen to Him. You can understand something intellectually but when you’re put in a tough situation it’s the feelings in your heart that actually make it real. I’m sure a lot of people can sympathize with those in Nashville and other places that have in one day, lost everything, but when it happens to you and suddenly you’re standing there with absolutely nothing, you truly know you’re in the hands of God!

Kris Miller, Multi-Award Singer songwriter, reigning 2 year ICM Songwriting Contest 1st and this year 2nd place also, has in the last few months Kris gone home with more awards:

Most Played New Gospel Selection “God Knows”, played on “One on One & Gospel Classics Syndicated Radio Ministries.  She also won the 2010 Co-Songwriter of the Year Adult New Country, Miller and Weaver for “The Keys” and 2010 Most Promising Co-songwriter of the year Adult New Country, Miller/Dixon, through the North American Country Music International Awards.  Kris, has a song on hold with Daywind right now. Also several new single song contracts. If you are looking for Award winning songs ask Kris J

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