New Children’s CD Will Benefit Charity for Teen Mothers

(Nashville, TN) – Blue Myrtle Kids Records, a division of StrongTree Productions, is releasing its first children’s CD entitled Big Green Alligator by La-La Lisa. Acoustic folk/pop artist Lisa Weyerhaeuser (a.k.a “La-La Lisa”) wrote and performed all eighteen songs on the project, and has dedicated a portion of the proceeds of the sales of the CD to Teen Mother Choices International.

Teen Mother Choices International ( is a unique charity that utilizes volunteers from local area churches to help provide teen mothers with a support system. The program offers things such as childcare so the young mothers can return to school, caring mentors who provide emotional support, and Life Skills Workshops which equip teenage mothers with resources and information to help them become independent, functioning members of society. Weyerhaeuser served as a past board member of the organization and has witnessed first-hand the impact the program has had on teen mothers.  One of the goals of Teen Mothers Choices is to keep all the girls off of welfare and to date, 100% of the girls who have participated in the program have graduated from school and found jobs to support themselves.

“Teen Mothers Choices has truly made an impact in the lives of young women who desperately need it,” say Weyerhaeuser. “I have personally seen their dedication and the successes they have had, and I wanted to continue to help their efforts with this new CD.”

Big Green Alligator is Weyerhaeuser’s first foray into kid’s music, but her nickname was earned a long time ago. “I started singing at youth camps when I was 16,” she says.  “And to this day, I have 30-somethings come up to me in the grocery store and ask, ‘Aren’t you La-La Lisa?’  That name has stuck even after all these years.”

Weyerhaeuser’s accomplishments as a worship leader, licensed counselor, Professor of Adolescent Psychology with Master Degrees in both Religion and Counseling Psychology, and a pastor’s wife, have given her ample knowledge and experience to create a kids music project.  But probably the defining experience that gave Weyerhaeuser the most confidence to take the plunge into children’s music was being the mother of three growing boys, now aged 6 to 15.

“I was tuned into a kid’s music station on XM radio in the car with the boys one day,” she recalls, “and the music was so interesting and engaging.  Even after I dropped the kids off at school, I found myself listening to that station.  I really started thinking about writing some children’s songs at that point. I wanted to make them fun, but I also wanted to make sure they were meaningful.”

Weyerhaeuser has released four solo acoustic folk/pop recordings and toured various venues in the U.S. and in Europe. She and her band have performed at the Cornerstone festival, Lifest, Joyful Noise Festival, Fisherman’s Fest, Rocketown, Cup of Joy, and shared the stage with a variety of artists including Phil Keaggy, Cheri Keaggy, Larry Norman, Tammy Trent, Whitecross and Glenn Kaiser, among others.

Plans are in the works for the Big Green Alligator and another song character named Silly Bob to come to life – in costume-form – and join Weyerhaeuser in her upcoming concerts.   And there will be an interactive website and Facebook page for kids to ask the Big Green Alligator anything they like and receive responses that can be trusted by parents.

“I put a lot of questions into the lyrics of Big Green Alligator ‘Where did we come from, Where are we going, and How did you find your way to me?’– because I wanted kids to feel like they could ask this character anything,” says Weyerhaeuser.  “I believe it is essential for kids to learn to express their feelings at early ages.  I want them to know that if they are shy, it’s ok.  If they feel sad about something, it’s ok. There is a freedom in learning to correctly express emotions.  If kids can learn how to do that when they are young, it will be more natural for them to do as they get older.”

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