Publicist, Evie Hawkins Annouces New Location


Publicist, Evie Hawkins, announces  a new location on Music Row for EHA-Nashville. 11 Music Circle South Suite 106, Nashville is located between the CMA and 16th. Hawkins notes, “We will start booking dates for recording artists mid-August. In the meantime, we are excited to have officially signed to booking agreements: Wendy Word + forgiven, Chris Hester, Zack Swain, New Vision (of Butler, OH), and The Classic Four. We are also still doing PR for some of these groups, plus New Vision of Huntsville, AL. Our current PR clients, we still want to receive all the booking dates as possible. Jericho, Highest Honor Quartet, Ron Brewer, Julia Ann Roberts & Laurel Mt. Bluegrass, Jenny Rimmer, Rick MaHarrey (Judah), One Voice, Young Harmony, Daryl Petree, Birmingham songwriter- Sammy Rubin, great friends, Jeff & Sue Duffield, Ray Cooper, and more that we encourage promoters to consider! Several of our clients are companies in the recording industry such as HIS Choice Music, Tune of the Sea Cruise, New Hope Music Productions, Southern Gospel Stage & radio personality, Mickey Bell. We hope you continue the support of those we represent with PR and take a look at our fine artists for your next event!” Hawkins also writes for SGN Scoops Magazine as a feature writer. TJ Green of EHA-Nashville, will continue to take on PR for his own firm, TJG Design, based out of Chattanoogna, TN. Green is the Executive Assistant for EHA and will work in both his office in Chattanooga and EHA’s Nashville office. He has been writing for EHA since early 2009.