Sunday Edition Will Debut New Project Next Month

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – (August 14, 2010) – Sunday Edition, one of Nashville’s favorite groups, is excited about the release of the trio’s highly anticipated new recording – Sunday Worship.  Sunday Worship is a conceptual recording that not only pays tribute to the group’s history singing in the church, but it also takes a look at the current landscape of church music.

Deon Unthank of Sunday Edition said, “All three of us have fond memories of going to our grandparents’ old country churches and singing along in worship with nothing more than our voices an old, out-of-tune piano. So, that inspired us when recording this record to strip it down to the way it used to be and just sing these songs from the bottom of our soul with nothing but a piano and the voices God gave us.”

Sunday Worship consists of six cherished hymns and five modern worship songs set to an acoustic, piano only accompaniment.

Deon Unthank, who also co-produced the record, said, “Everywhere we go, people ask us to sing one of two things – either worship songs or hymns.  Well, this release focuses on both those aspects of church music.”

“We are so excited about this release, because we really feel like you can sense the heart and emotion behind these songs,” mentioned Amy Marie Unthank of Sunday Edition. “We picked these songs, because they mean something to each of us.”

Sunday Worship was recorded with the concept of “less-is-more” in mind. Very little digital enhancements and processing was used on the vocals, and the group opted out of using vocal stacks and vocal alignment for this album.

“More than anything, we wanted this recording to feel authentic. We didn’t want it to sound over-produced and over-processed. What’s great is that you do get to hear blemishes in our voices and moments where we could have sang it better – but we wanted to make it sound like we were in an old country church singing these songs – just like we remember. We hope we accomplished that,” mentioned co-producer and Sunday Edition member Chris D. Unthank.

Sunday Worship features an equal share of modern and classic worship tunes like “Blessed Assurance,” “Precious Lord,” “The Old Rugged Cross,” “Indescribable,” “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone),” and “Friend of God,” in addition to many more songs.

Vocals for the new album were recorded at Square One Studio in Franklin, Tennessee.  The project was produced by group members Chris and Deon Unthank, and all vocals were arranged by Sunday Edition. Jeff Duffield mixed and mastered the recording, while tracks for the album were performed and recorded by Bobby McAllister (for Salem-Sound in Winston-Salem, NC). The group enlisted the help of Deon’s pastor Johnny Minick for the piano on “Feeling Mighty Fine.” Steve Allen and Aaron Minick also assisted in engineering for the project.

Sunday Worship will debut and be available to purchase for the first time during the week of the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky from September 13-18, 2010. Sunday Edition will be performing on Monday afternoon’s Featured Artist Showcase from 3:00-4:00 p.m. and will be singing selections from the new release at the showcase.

Sunday Edition recently released their follow-up to the smash-hit “He Bore a Cross.”  The new single, titled “Mercy Walks a Road,” was once again produced by Glen Bates and written by Bates and Glen Ashworth.  The new song is another special single release with BSA World Records.

The song is currently available for radio stations to download via Chuck Peters’ SG Show Prep and was released to radio through DJ Man Promotions and BSA World Records. In addition, the song is also being promoted to radio by TS Promotions, the Rick Hendrix Company, and Music City Media Group.

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About Sunday Edition
Sunday Edition was formed back in the early 70’s as an all-male quartet.  Now, 30 years later, the group has reformed as the family trio consisting of Deon Unthank, Amy Marie Unthank, and Chris Unthank.  The group has a rich sound with a wide variety of influences which range from traditional southern to country and progressive southern to black gospel.