Scoops Readers Are Thankful!

“I’m thankful for my children, who love the Lord…love to worship…and love me. I have a good life. Thank you, Lord.”  – Sheri Thrower

“I am thankful that I serve a risen Savior and that our personal relationship grows everyday…..I never had a earthly father to compare with what the Lord has done and the Lord is beyond anything I could ever think or imagine…..I am so blessed !” – Mary Copeland & Ted Cambell

“From November 20, 2009 (the Friday before Thanksgiving) until today, I have lost 101 pounds. I ran my first 5K this fall, and I have reached weightlifting levels that I never achieved when I was a college athlete. God has given me a ton of willpower that I never knew I had. Every time I struggled and turned to Him, He gave me more than I ever needed. God is good!”- Benjamin Chase

  “Most of all, I want to thank, God for drawing me in closer to Him. I read the bible daily. Not as a task, but because it is His word, and I crave His spirit. I pray daily and have begged Him to take my life and use me for His purpose. He has given me even more desire as His word states. He says, His word is living. It is so true…. I see something different each time I read it. It is powerful beyond belief. He has helped me see my life as eternal and not of this world. In some ways it is hard, but the trade-off is worth everything. He gives me the courage and strength to not worry, but pray. Nothing else matters to me but Him and doing my best to follow His commandments and teachings. And with that, helping bring others to know the same Savior that makes my life worth living and gives me the peace that surpasses all understanding.” – Karen Ortman Mateeff

“We we went to my son’s Elijah’s doctor’s appointment today and from having one of the worst vision’s on his left eye, in just 3 months he is now at 20/20 vision!!!!!! No more patch!!! God is amazing! It was suppose to take 6-8 months, but only took 3 months, and he had one of the worst cases!!! Giving God all the glory and praise! He is so so faithful!!! What a testimony Elijah is learning! He is going around telling everyone that Jesus healed him! I love it!!! Thanks so so much for all your prayers! Elijah is ecstatic, and praising the Lord with me!!!” – Amber Walker “Alt”
“I am thankful for an Awesome God who answers prayers, although not necessarily the way we think He might. My youngest son, David, was diagnosed with epilepsy about 8 years ago. I began praying to God and asking Him to heal David’s seizures. In August, God called David home. David’s seizures are now healed as he is perfect in Heaven. God has blessed me mightily this year, anticipating my needs even before I knew I had them. God has sent so many angels into my life to provide me love and support at the times I most needed it. I thank God for my wonderfully strong, loving supportive son Aaron, my beautiful daughter in law Kari, my precious granddaughter Emily and all of my fantastic family and friends. Thank you, Jesus.” – Tony Easley Surratt
“I am thankful every night when I lay my head down on my pillow that God has given me another day with my family, friends and children. I have lost alot of family in the past few years and I’m thankful that Jesus shed his precious blood on the cross so that through salvation I have that assurance of knowing that one day we will all be together again. I am thankful that I can go out and minister in song and testimony every week to share God’s love . I am thankful every single day for my freedom, the food on my table, shoes on my feet, and a roof over my head. I am also thankful that God still answers prayers:)”- Mitzi Stamey