The 7th Annual USAGEM Convention and Awards Show Is a Success

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (December 1, 2010) – Convention participants are still raving about the spirit experienced at the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians (USAGEM) 7th Annual Convention and Awards Show. The event was held November 12 and 13, 2010 at the Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I believe the Lord walked among us at our convention,” said Lynn Fox, the organization’s Vice President.  “It was the best convention and awards show the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians has ever had.  It was the culmination of seven years of work.  We have come a long way in our understanding of how to plan and implement our plans of putting a convention and awards show together.”

The convention began at noon on Friday, November 12, when artists and organization members gathered on the stage of the Texas Troubadour Theatre to film two closing songs for the television series that was filmed later that day.

With the help and guidance of the Fresh Well Media, each of the 30-minute shows was hosted by USAGEM board member and television veteran Tommie Lewis and his son, Dwayne, and featured performances by three USAGEM members/artists.

On Saturday November 13, the award-winning Christian Country group The Fox Brothers hosted the 7th Annual USAGEM Awards Show. The Fox Brothers guided the show along, mixing home-spun humor with enthusiastic introductions of the outstanding musical acts which performed on the show.  During the show, they also garnered the Group of the Year award for the fourth time and group member, Roy Fox, received the Comedian of the Year Award for the second time.  The brothers closed the show with a performance of their number one hit song “Red, White & Blue”.

The evening featured performances from outstanding artists such as Joanne Cash Yates, Glenn Tubb, The Pearly Gates, the Dynamic Dixie Travelers, Sandi Katy & New Hickory, For Heaven’s Sake, The Gardners, Rene Jones, The Servants, Emily Carey, Caroline Keller, Tommy Brandt, and the Fairfield Four.

Additional artists and individuals who participated in the event were Peggy Inks, Bev McCann, Shelton Bissell, Dr. Harry Yates, The Leipers Fork B luegrass Band, The Higher Trails Band, Sheila Berry, and many more.

After the afternoon awards show, approximately125 USAGEM members and their family members gathered at the Radisson Hotel on Music Valley Drive to celebrate the goodness of God at the organization’s annual convention banquet.

At the banquet, three awards were presented. The Excellence in Media Award was presented to the Family Friendly Entertainment Network.  The “Bruce Cutler Radio Servant’s Award” was given to Tyler, Texas DJ and Christian Country artist Tommy Smith.  The 2010 USAGEM President’s Award was presented to Mrs. Bobbie Wright for her outstanding service and support to the organization in arranging and preparing food at various USAGEM events.

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The 2010 USAGEM Award Winners:

Diamond Award:  Larrice Byrd

Emerald Award:  The Servants Quartet

Ruby Award:  Edie Jones

Sapphire Award:  Amanda Fessant

Group of the Year:  The Fox Brothers

Duo of the Year:  Lewis & Lewis

Soloist of the Year: Joanne Cash Yates

Female Vocalist of the Year:  Amanda Fessant

Male Vocalist of the Year:  Mitchel Jon

Song of the Year: “I’ve Had Enough” – Performed by The Gardners,  written by Vhonda Asher

Songwriter of the Year:  Joel Hemphill

Musician of the Year: Shelton Bissell

Comedian of the Year:  Roy Fox

Southern Gospel Crown Jewel:  The Hemphills

Black Gospel Crown Jewel:  The Dynamic Dixie Travelers

Christian Country Crown Jewel:  Rene Jones

Bluegrass/Acoustic Crown Jewel:  Glenn Tubb

Contemporary Christian Crown Jewel:  Mitchel Jon