Race Track Chaplaincy of America Visits SGNScoops at NQC

The National Quartet Convention is Gospel Music’s largest event of the year.  The Louisville Kentucky Fair & Expo Center serves as “connection paradise” matching adoring fans with adoring artists or perhaps artists with industry professionals.  Hundreds of artists and industry representatives work tirelessly to present their business or ministry to the passing crowds each night.  Nestled among the (predominately) Gospel Music Industry booths was a ministry- the only one of its kind!  Representatives from the Race Track Chaplaincy of America took advantage of the opportunities that only the National Quartet Convention can bring and presented their ministry to the mass crowds during the week. SGNScoops was privileged to meet Robert S. Barnard Jr., Ph.D, Director of Chaplain Ministries and Retired Hall of Fame Jockey and Christian evangelist, Pat Day.  With much passion yet meek in spirit,  both men shared the heart of God’s work taking place on 117 tracks and training/breeding centers throughout North America and around the world. 

     Race Track Chaplaincy of America oversees approximately 77 chaplains serving Race Track personnel.  Dr. Barnard explained to SGNScoops the existing ministry opportunities at the race track.  The demands and lifestyles of racetrack personnel prohibit church attendance therefore it is considered a “closed community.”  Chaplains serve these race track employees by providing weekly church services, discipleship programs, worship/music  as well as performing  wedding and burial ceremonies.  Chaplains also serve in the area of children’s ministry at several tracks where needed.  Dr. Barnard Jr. made it very clear that this ministry is not about religion but about making true followers of Jesus Christ instead.  Chaplains spread the love of Christ by meeting immediate and tangible needs operating health clinics, food pantries and more.  Former Kentucky Derby Winner, Pat Day understands ministry well and stated ” Don’t tell them Jesus loves you until you love them yourself.”  
SGNScoops applauds Pat Day for living out his calling.  ” The Lord saved me to work within the horse racing industry- not to leave it.” (http://rtcanational.org/pat-day/) Pat Day shares his testimony of how in spite of his tremendous success, including 8,803 career wins and winning numerous awards, his life was still empty without Jesus Christ.  To read more of his testimony and about the great work God is doing on Horse Racing Tracks across America and beyond, visit http://rtcanational.org/
SGNScoops would like to say thank you to both Dr. Barnard and Pat Day for sharing their ministry story.
Photo- Eric Frye
left- Robert S. Barnard Jr, PH.D 
center- Rhonda Frye- SGNScoops Online Editor
right- Retired Jockey/Christian Evangelist, Pat Day