4th Of July Special

Happy 4th of July Special…..

What if we told you we want to put your group in our digital and print magazine for a whole year?

What if we told you that we will run a Five Question Feature on the group, including your booking information and a link to purchase your product, on our website?

What if we included a radio spot at WPIL in Heflin, Alabama, home of Roger’s New Music Monday and Strictly Southern with Vonda Armstrong? And on top of the radio spot, how about an interview?

Well …. we are telling you all of this today!

It’s our “Fourth Of July Special!” This is a crazy deal. It is for one day only!

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, price..
Regular price is $2400 (1/8 page)  The 4th of July Price is $1200. WOW, YES YOU READ IT RIGHT! If you have been thinking about advertising, NOW is the time.

It’s a crazy special but you are crazy special to us!

Rob Patz

Call Vonda today at 256-310-7892 for more information or email her at vonda@sgnscoops.com.