American Gospel Celebration

The curtain closed on the first night of the American Gospel Celebration with an all star lineup of artists honoring military heroes and celebrating faith and freedom.

Canton Junction started the night off and finished their set with a rousing rendition of Every Hallelujah accompanied by the Voices of Lee.

Larnelle Harris reminded everyone in the audience why he was still one of the reigning voices in Christian music as his voice soared through fab favorites like Amen and the Doxology.

Next, the Isaacs’s haunting harmonies resonated with both old standards and new selections from their newest release, Nature’s Symphony 432.

In the midst of this compelling lineup, another highlight of the evening took place when a new home was given to a veteran by the Military Warrior Support Foundation.

The evening came to a close with preaching by Pastor John Hagee followed by a performance by the Crabb Family.

Pastor’s “pull no punch” sermon reminded the audience that freedom is not free and dared the crowd not to take for granted this privilege which was bought and paid for by the sacrifice of our wounded warriors.

The event was punctuated with an exclamation point as the Crabb Family closed the show with their trademark blend and style that left the crowd on their feet.

See you all tonight!