Bates Family Christmas fun!

Bates Family Christmas
Tim Bates (The Bates Family)


We recently asked Tim Bates of The Bates Family to share a special Christmas Memory with us and this is what he had to say.

One of the things that I love to do at Christmas time is to gather around the piano at moms house and just have a jam session singing all the great Christmas songs. The really cool part is that anyone can join in with us whether you can sing or not, who cares, it’s all about hanging out with family and having fun and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Here is a video of the original Bates Family doing that very thing. We try and take advantage of every moment to get to sing together like we used to before I got called to preach and my bother and his wife started a church in northern VA. I love moments like this. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!!


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