Bristol Revival With CT Townsend Update

C.T. Townsend
CT Townsend

From CT Townsend:

Thank you to all our friends who have been so kind to reach out, encourage, and pray for Bristol. Just wanted to update you on the meeting so far.

We have had a tremendous week with a full tent every night. We haven’t had a night with under 2500 people yet. We praise the Lord for how this community is backing the meeting. You can definitely tell that people are praying & hungry to see God move.

17 more people walked the aisle last night, and professed that they trusted Christ! That’s 64 People who have trusted Christ, under the tent, in only 4 nights. The most amazing thing about that is, that for the most part this week, the Lord had directed me to preach to the church, and people are still getting saved. Praise the Lord!

From soul-winning efforts in the streets, to services under the tent 135 people have professed Christ here in Bristol! AMEN!

Last night a sweet lady walked up to me so burdened. She testified to me about her son, and how he needed Christ. She told me how he wouldn’t come to church with them, but that he was coming that night. She wept and asked me to pray for her 34 year old son. Last night during the invitation people were being dealt with on the altars, and I heard a commotion from the right side of the tent, and here he came! That woman’s son, with the whole family following him. I personally jumped off the stage and had the privilege of leading him to the Lord. Seeing that mothers face was priceless. Glad God still answers prayers!

Please keep praying that God will continue working and moving in this area. We sure need it!

God bless!

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