Congrats To The SGN SCOOPS Top 100 December

SGNScoops Top 100
SGNScoops Top 100
  1. Greater Vision – Still
  2. Canton Junction- God’s Got A Better Plan
  3. Hyssongs- I Tell Them Jesus
  4. Jason Crabb- Mysterious Ways
  5. Steeles- Prodigals
  6. Karen Peck and New River- Hope For All Nations
  7. Gold City- I Will Stand
  8. Kingdom Heirs- The Last Big Thing
  9. Kingsmen- Hear The Word Of The Lord
  10. Ernie Haase and Signature Sound- Give me Jesus
  11. CT and Becky Townsend- My God Delivered me
  12. Lore Family- Joyous News
  13. Susan Whisnant- I Prayed Through It
  14. High Road- Somewhere I’m Going
  15. Collingsworth Family- You’re About To Climb
  16. Perrys- Moses and Elijah
  17. Mylon Hayes Family- Coming of The Lord
  18. Wisecarvers- Plain And Simple
  19. Guardians- Present in The Presence of The King
  20. Wilbanks- When I Speak Your Name
  21. Triumphant Quartet- Chainbreaker
  22. Tribute Quartet- God Of The Storms
  23. East Ridge Boys- I Know That Man
  24. Talleys- This Thing Called Grace
  25. Second Half Quartet- During The Rapture
  26. Brian Free & Assurance- He Can Take It
  27. New Ground- Make It
  28. Dunaways- Reassure Me
  29. Inspirations- The One In The Water
  30. Soul’d Out Quartet- Holy Spirit Come
  31. Mark Bishop- The Other Room
  32. Chronicle- Where Did The Wind Go
  33. Exodus- God of Always and Never
  34. Sneed Family- I’ve Never Seen A Promise
  35. Sunday Drive- 11:59
  36. Caleb’s Crossing- I Promise You
  37. Children Of The Promise- Heaven Takes Care Of It All
  38. Stephens- He Said
  39. Mark Lowry- What’s Not To Love
  40. Down East Boys- Somebody Left The Door Wide Open
  41. Isaacs- If That’s What It Takes
  42. Jim Brady Trio- God Is With Me
  43. Dean- Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk
  44. Millers- Take A Moment and Live
  45. Misty Freeman- A Day In The Life of Jesus
  46. Battle Cry- I’m Amazed
  47. Bibletones- Lord Lead me Home
  48. Day Three- Might Go Home Today
  49. Hoskins Family- Don’t Wanna Lose That Feeling
  50. Greenes- Send A Little Rain
  51. MARK209- I Can Call Jesus
  52. Bates Family- You Are
  53. Sisters- A Day Will Come
  54. Josh and Ashley Franks- While My Tears are Falling
  55. Browns- Aim Higher
  56. Anchorman- I’m Gonna Run
  57. New Dove Brothers- No Back Door To Heaven
  58. Goulds- Where Are The Voices
  59. Steve Ladd- All Things Are Possible With God
  60. Littles- Whole Lot of Heaven In The House
  61. Shellem Cline- Getting In the Word of God
  62. ReJeana Leeth and New Grace-Thank God For My Christian Home
  63. Tribute Quartet- When The Prodigal Comes Home
  64. Bowling Family- I Believe He’s Alive
  65. Abby Paskvan- Anchor To The Power Of The Cross
  66. Journeys- Have Faith
  67. Matt Felts- Trust Me With The Trial
  68. Zane and Donna King- Hallelujah and Amen
  69. Walkers- Holy Spirit Flow Through Me
  70. Pine Ridge Boys- Sail On Over
  71. John Whisnant- Had It not Been
  72. Master’s Voice- Where My Savior Is
  73. Bridget Taylor- One More Valley
  74. Lear Family- Too Far From Home
  75. Tim Lovelace- Living In A Coffee World
  76. New Legacy Project- God Of The Empty Grave
  77. Keith Barkley and Family Tradition- Hiding In The Blood
  78. Ivan Parker- Walk My Way
  79. Jay Stone Singers- I Won’t Turn Back
  80. Channing Eleton- Bring To me Isaac
  81. Three Bridges- Jesus Saves
  82. Dysart Family- Jesus Loves You
  83. McKameys- Living For Eternity
  84. Won Life- Holy Rain Come Down
  85. Rambo McGuire-Precious Jesus
  86. Chris Hester- Miracle In Reach
  87. Sweetwater Revival- God Makes No Mistakes
  88. PromisedLand Quartet- I Love That Music
  89. Coffmans- Know So
  90. Chandlers- He Does
  91. Allegiance- Heaven Is Real
  92. Bollingers- Mercy Found Room For Me
  93. Georgians Quartet- I’m Glad That I Know
  94. Ascension Quartet- Salvation Is Found On A Cross
  95. Steve Ladd- Since I Laid My Burdens Down
  96. Beelers- Take me To Him
  97. Jason Runnels- The Drive
  98. Ferguson Family- Living For The Call
  99. Adam Crabb- Sometimes God Allows
  100. Blythe Family- Restoration