Congrats to the SGN Scoops Top 40 Christian Country for September 2019 (October Magazine)

SGNScoops Christian Country Top 40
SGNScoops Christian Country Top 40 2019 September ( October Magazine)
  1. Grateful- Chris Golden
  2. Arms Opened Wide- Corey Farlow
  3. Six Feet- Tim Menzies
  4. Sky Full Of Angels- Kali Rose
  5. Mama Said- Kolt Barber
  6. Say A Little Prayer- Bruce Hedrick
  7. Tough As A Pine Knot- Jessica Horton
  8. You’re Looking More like Your Father- The Journeys
  9. Riding Out On Faith and Prayer- Mary James
  10. If You Could Love Me Anyway- Perfectly Broken
  11. God, Oral Roberts & Billy Graham- Carol Barham
  12. Pretty- Jamie Lynn Flanakin
  13. Down Side Up- Lisa Daggs
  14. I Gotta Be Goin Now- Scott Brown
  15. Everytime- Mary Burke
  16. I Am Saved- Johnny Rowlett
  17. No More Second Chances- Jenna Faith
  18. Praise Looks Good On You- Kevin and Kim Abney
  19. Mercy On Me- Foretold
  20. Three Story House- Don Stiles
  21. Wherever You Are- Melissa Evans
  22. Not In This House- Lindsay Huggins
  23. Crossing Over- Alliance Quartet
  24. Living Proof- Wyatt Nations
  25. He No Longer Signs My Paycheck- Chuck Day
  26. The Storm- Kane & Kelly
  27. Chasing After You- Brittany Morse
  28. Winds Of The World- Tina Wakefield
  29. Gena Roberts Hamilton-Tell My Friends
  30. I Got Jesus- Randy Day
  31. Cindy Hughlett- Small Stuff
  32. You’re Not The Only One- Tim Livingston
  33. Sermon On The Mount- Tommy Brandt
  34. Hand Of The Lord- Jan Harbuck
  35. On The Inside- Wade Phillips
  36. Something Pentecostal- Sandy Jarvis
  37. Heaven Is Not That Far Away- Pam Blackstock
  38. Mom- Tim Atwood
  39. Till The Rivers All Run Dry- Gene Reasoner
  40. This Is Not My Heaven- Heath Knox