Congrats to The SGN Scoops Top 40 in Christian Country – November 2018


SGNScoops Christian Country Top 40
SGNScoops Christian Country Top 40

1. There’s No Place Too Far From Grace- Tina Wakefield

2. Send the Rain- Kolt Barber

3. Daddy I’m Home- Gene Reasoner

4. I’d Settle for a Dirt Road- Chuck Hancock

5. Living Proof- Wyatt Nations

6. Lord You Are Love- Sonshine Road

7. He’s All I Need- Steve Warren

8. It’s Gonna Be A Good Day- Christian Davis

9. I Know The End Of The Story- John Penney

10. Wonderful- Lisa Daggs

11. I’ll Take It From Here- Bruce Hedrick

12. See You There- Freddie Hart

13. If The Bottle Was A Bible- Johnny Rowlett

14. Number One Fan- Hunter May

15. No One Compares To You Lord- Mary Fay Jackson

16. Call On Jesus- Ronnie Horton

17. Coming On Strong- Cami Shrock

18. Country As Cornbread- Shellem Cline

19. Don’t Let The Devil Ride- Doug Corum

20. The Old Man Is Dead- James Payne

21. I Got Saved- Michael Knight

22. Family Ties- Barbara Fairchild

23. Always Better- Kevin and Kim Abney

24. Drinking New Wine- Michael Lee/ Daryl Singletary

25. Love You Like Mary- McKay Project

26. Remember The Soldier- David Gresham

27. Just Because I Asked You- Gena Hamilton

28. When Grandma Prayed- APPOINTED 2

29. Cinderella- Trinity Wennerstrom

30. You Can Always Come Home- Steve Bridgmon/Allie Colleen

31. Take My Hand- Gunner Carr

32. It’s Written In The Scars- Dan Duncan

33. Sweet Whispers- Amy Richardson

34. Oh, My God- Jami Lynn Flanakin

35. Sunday Morning Meeting- Paul Winchester

36. Hey Brother DJ-Jimmy R. Price

37. I Miss Them All- Jordan Family Band

38. The Songs Will Never End- The Tiptons

39. Take Her Name Off The Prayer List- Mark Lanier

40. Hide Me Behind The Cross- Tonja Rose