Creekside to Celebrate “Faith and Freedom” with Freedom Quartet


Freedom Trio was formed in 2010 by lead singer Josh Garner (Florida Boys) and tenor singer John Rulapaugh (Dove Brothers/Palmetto State Quartet). Baritone Joel Trimble (Soul’d Out Quartet) was also an original member. Trimble was replaced by Alan Kendall (Melody Boys Quartet) in 2011, who yielded the baritone position to vocalist and pianist Tyler Vestal in 2012.

The trio disbanded in 2013 when Garner joined the Dixie Melody Boys and Vestal made his way to Beyond The Ashes. John Rulapaugh then launched Freedom Quartet with lead singer Dale Shipley (Perfect Heart), baritone Preston Garner, and bass Burman Porter (Dove Brothers/Palmetto State Quartet). They debuted as a quartet at the 2013 National Quartet Convention. Baritone Preston Garner was replaced by Scott Mullins in 2016.

We are so excited to announce that Freedom Qt will be performing at Creekside 2016.



Wednesday night at Creekside 2016, Freedom will kickoff the  nighttime concerts as we celebrate “Faith and Freedom.”

Check out this song by Freedom Quartet: