DJ SPOTLIGHT- Phillip Greene

DJ Spotlight on Phillip Greene with Vonda Easley

This month,  the spotlight was on Phillip Greene at WECR in Newland, N.C. According to the WECR web site, Phillip’s station plays “Southern Gospel, Bluegrass and ‘Heart Music.’” For listeners in North Carolina, the on-air station covers Avery County, including Newland, Banner Elk, Linville Ridge and Grandfather Mountain.

Here’s what Phillip Greene had to say.

Vonda:  Tell us all about your radio experience including your current title and station.
Phillip: I am the station manager/air talent at AM 1130 – WECR AM in Newland, N.C. – Glory 1130.

Vonda: Tell us about a special day on the air.
Phillip: The first day I became station manager and on-air talent was Feb. 27, 2012, a month after my father passed away, taking his place on the air and continuing the ministry that he was instrumental in starting here at the station.

Vonda: Will you share your testimony?
Phillip: I was raised in the church and came to an understanding for myself that Jesus was the way to God as a young man of 13. I’ve had ups and downs but thank God I serve a Lord who loves and forgives when I let myself get in the way of greater things planned for me. I have been in ministry since the age of 13, because we are all called to be ministers, but have been actively serving in the church for the last 14 years and am blessed to be able to share the Gospel on a daily basis. I can’t even begin to describe how God took a young man with a heart for others from a struggling seeker to a truth speaker. He has given me the opportunity to minister in many capacities.

Vonda: Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Phillip: Anywhere I can share the Gospel is a place where I don’t mind going. I’m not so much of a beach person. I love to get away from things in the solitude of the mountains. Thank God I’m blessed to live in this solitude on a daily basis.

Vonda: At what age did you know that you would love working in radio? Why?
Phillip: At the age of 16, I knew ministry was my calling, and at the age of 19, God opened the door for me to pursue radio and ministry in my life. He has been opening the doors in ways I never imagined. I have been blessed to see that call take shape over the past four years.


Thanks to Phillip Greene for introducing us to his work on WECR. You can find him online at You can also hear Phillip live every day on 8:20 a.m. (EST) during “Glory1130 Morning Devotion” with Phillip Greene.