Exclusive Concert Review: Karen Peck & New River

The Shepherd’s Field in Martin, TN hosted the multi-Grammy nominated and award winning Karen Peck and New River on Saturday, August 20th.  The auditorium was filled to capacity and the excitement was building in anticipation of Karen, Susan, and Jeff taking the stage. The pastor opened the night of worship with a special prayer for KPNR. He simply prayed that the songs they were about to sing would touch lives, heal the broken and lead the lost to Christ.

Karen Peck and New River started the concert with the powerful upbeat song “Ephesians 1.” It has such an inspirational message that we as Christians are: Blessed, Chosen, Adopted, Favored, Redeemed, and Forgiven by God. As the song ended, the audience rejoiced with a loud hand clap of praise.

Susan Peck Jackson gave a remarkable vocal performance on “It’s Gonna Have To Be God.” Everyone connected to the deliverance of the song and the lyrics. Great song and performance by Susan!    

The group then began to sing “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along.” Karen joked and said that pastors like to play this song right before the deacons meeting! The audience burst into laughter.

The spirit of the Lord was moving and Karen changed the program and began to sing “Last Night.” Let me just say, the audience came un-glued! They started clapping, shouting, and praising the Lord… a favorite by all indeed. The crowd stood to their feet before KPNR ended the song. It was a moment; a moment of worship and praise. With the crowd still standing, KPNR broke out with “I’ll Fly Away.” The people were rejoicing! Everyone was clapping and singing along. It was a little bit of Heaven on earth.

Another wave of glory filled the auditorium as Jeff Hawes began to sing “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” Hands raised all over the auditorium, tears streaming down the faces of the young and the old. This young artist is destined for greatness!

Karen Peck and New River continued to sing hit after hit “I Want To Thank You,” “Whispered Prayers,” “Hold Me While I Cry,” and “Special Love.”

As the night drew to a close, Karen Peck Gooch once again brought the audience to their feet with her impeccable performance of “Four Days Late.” It was a night of encouragement, hope, and worship.

On a lighter note…The Gooch family welcomed the arrival of a new pooch upon arriving in Martin, TN! The group had made a quick stop by the local Walmart. As luck would have it, someone in the parking lot was giving away puppies (Golden Retriever mix) to a good home. Kari, daughter of Karen and Ricky Gooch just couldn’t resist. She gets the puppy and heads to the bus. Oh mom, look! Please, can I have her? Then Kari places the puppy into her mother’s arms. That’s all it took. Molly took to the road like a pro.     

Thank you to Karen Peck & New River for a great concert.  Welcome to the gospel music family, Molly. We would also like to express appreciation to  Angela Griffin for another great concert review.-SgnScoops Staff