Fast Five With Cross Pointe

  1. Tell us how the ministry of Cross Pointe began.

ANSWERED BY BILL PITTS    Cross Pointe started like many Southern Gospel groups. We started in Church. Singing specials in Church is the foundation of many traveling groups. We began to be asked to sing at special events outside the Church and after 8 years, and five CD projects later, we are still singing at venues we never thought would be possible.


  1. Share your Testimony?

ANSWERED BY JONI TOWNSEND    My neighbor started taking my brother and I to church along with her kids.  The church was vibrant and the youth group was fun.  At first I only went for the social aspect, but it didn’t take long to realize there was more to it than I originally thought.   God revealed Himself to me through excellent preaching, teaching and loving people who lived what they believed.  I was saved on a Wednesday evening at youth group at the age of 15.

My life has held many twists, turns and the unexpected, and although I have not always been faithful to God, He has been so faithful to me.  He has blessed me with 4 great kids, a grandbaby on the way, a wonderful husband and ministry partner and blessings more than I ever thought or imagined.   I am blessed that He sought me out to be a part of Cross Pointe.   I just want to sing His praises and be a beacon that points others to Him.


ANSWERED BY DEBBIE WRIGHT  I felt the call on my life to sing Christian music when I was in high school. I was at a Andre’ Crouch concert with my mother and I told her half way through the concert, I want to do that. I could sense the presence of God on my life like it was yesterday. It was then I committed my life to Christ.


ANSWERED BY BILL PITTS   At the age of 8 years old I gave my life to Christ. Though I was very young I had been convicted for over 1 year. I grew up in a Church that had four services during the week with a strong preaching and singing ministry. I was under the gospel continually. At 8 years old I stole a little black marble from a broken little toy at a store. I was so convicted I could not play with it. I finally told my mom. She walked to the store with me and I had to hand the marble to a policeman. That one act spoke to my heart and the next worship service I knelt at the altar and asked Christ into my heart. God then called me to preach at the age of 14.


  1. Tell us a funny “road story.’

ANSWERED BY DEBBIE WRIGHT   We were traveling to Nashville to sing, just going down the highway about 65 mph when all of sudden from the back of the van we heard “stop the car, stop the car, stop the car.”  We had to slowly pull over to the side and one of our singers got out and walked up and down the freeway ramp trying to relieve a leg cramp. We have never taken a trip to Nashville since that one of us has not shouted from the back, “stop the car.”


  1. What are some things that you guys have accomplished during your years in ministry?



Cross Pointe has recorded 5 CD’s

Cross Pointe has sung on live Television several times.

Cross Pointe sang the National Anthem for the Cleveland Indians/Chicago White Sox game on September 23rd, 2016 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cross Pointe has performed on 3 concept music videos.

Cross Pointe won a Bronze Telly Award for  “All My Tears” concept music video



  1. You have a new radio single. Tell us all about this “powerful” song. Expound on God using the song in concerts.


ANSWERED BY JONI TOWNSEND     “Angels” is our new radio single.  It was written by Jay DeMarcus of “Rascal Flatts”.  I think it is a powerful song because people can relate to knowing someone who has been an “angel” in their life.  For me, it’s my step-dad.  He has shown me grace and mercy when I probably did not deserve it.  He is a man of few words, but he has taught me so much by example.   He has always “had my back”.  Even though I didn’t write it, the first verse of the song is all about him.

After concerts or listening to the CD, people have told us they know someone just like that.  I believe that many have been that “unaware angel.”


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