Fast Five with Jordan’s River


Recently we got to spend some time with Jordan’s River. We asked them Five Questions. Here are the answers.

1. Tell us how Jordan’s River was founded?


(Randy)Angie and I had sang together in a group for a while and I had left because I felt my time had come and that the Lord had another mission for me. My wife and I had been talking about putting something together and I got a call from Angie in September 2014, and she had mentioned to me about us three getting together. Well, of course we all prayed about it and I know God had been dealing with me about starting a new ministry so I contacted Angie and the rest is a God Thing. Our harmonies were great and as we practiced, you could feel the anointing in that place. Sometimes, we would just stop and look at each other and tears would flow. We knew we were in His prefect will. All we pray is that God will open the doors He wants us to go through and close the ones that are not for us. We trust Him and give Him all the glory.

2 .When the group is on the road, what is your favorite restaurant?


Well, we all know the go to restaurant is the Cracker Barrel, and yes we love eating there. But most of the time we are running a little late (the girls fault), we like to run through the drive thru at Krystal and get us some Chili Cheese Fries. Angie will always say, “Randy has to have a snack”.

3. Randy, who is your all-time favorite Gospel singer?


(Randy)I’m not sure if I have just one all-time favorite but if I did, it would be Kenny Hinson. I loved his voice and the anointing you felt as he would sing. It was like he was ministering straight to me.


4. Share your testimony with us.



Randy Graham

I had been going to a small Pentecostal church in Albany Georgia for about three months when I heard of a group called the Spencer’s were coming to town. I attended the concert that Saturday night and the spirit of God was so strong. I knew God was dealing with me and I almost went down that night. I couldn’t hardly sleep for thinking of that opportunity I let go by so I got up early Sunday morning on January 14th, 1990 and went to church. I don’t remember what Bro Paul Ward preached or what the choir had sung. But when the altar call was given, it was like a host of angels picked me up and carried me to the altar. “My life was headed in the wrong direction. I knew there was a better way of living. Thank God He accepted me when I call out to Him.” I was saved and washed of my sins that very moment. I’ve been singing and preaching the word of God for the past 26 years. The Lord has allowed me to lead countless individuals to salvation. What a joy it is to see the face of that person light up as they receive from the Lord. I’ve had the opportunity to sing with a few groups throughout the years, “Higher Ground”, “The Hudson Family” and “Sandra & Friends”. God has been very good to me and my family.
Belinda Graham

Belinda has been in church since she arrived home from the hospital at 3 days old. She grew up singing and playing piano in her home church, Tweed Chapel Church of God in Rockledge Georgia. Around 13 years of age, she felt that God had a work for her and was calling her to work for Him. So she surrendered to the Lord and accepted Him as her Savior. She is a wonderful anointed singer and piano player. She sang many years with her young cousins as they grew together in Christ. She has always had the love of Southern Gospel Music in her soul. Belinda and Randy have been married for almost 25 years and have three children and three grandchildren.

Angie Wilson

Angie is a longtime friend of Randy and Belinda’s. She grow up singing also in church.  She surrendered and accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and Lord at the age of 12.   Her compassion for the Lord shows in her singing. The anointing flows as she belts out the songs of Zion. Angie has sang in several groups throughout the years also. She attends Oaky Grove Church in Wrightsville Georgia. Angie is a cancer survivor since 2003. She gives God all the glory for her healing. She lives in Soperton Georgia where she enjoys watching her children and grandchildren grow in the Lord.


5.  If our readers would like to book you or purchase product, how can they do that 


They can call our office @ 478.484.0548 Also, our web page at  or at  We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We are available for All church events; Homecomings, Revivals, Senior Events, Women & Men Fellowships, Marriage Seminars, Concerts and Fill-In’s as the Pastor and their families enjoy a time of much needed rest & relaxation. We just recorded our second CD project entitled “I’m Never Alone” written by Linda Hudgins from Carnesville Georgia. We are so excited to get it in our hands. There are some powerful songs on there written by Linda, Victoria Bowlin and Sheila Reed.


We also asked about ministry goals for Jordan’s River for the upcoming year……


As always, to reach out to individuals that are hurting and searching for something better than this world can offer. We want to see souls saved, healed, restored and blessed. We pray as we travel and minister that something we say, sing or do will up lift God and be a blessing to all that we come into contact with.


Come to Creekside 2016 and meet this group!