Favorite Christmas Memory- Donnie Cox ,”Quartet Time, Flint, MI”

Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory is from 1982….My Father was dying from Lung Cancer..he wanted me to take him home to get the family Christmas Tree..I don’t remember why we went at night time, but I remember it was freezing cold and blowing snow. I forgot my gloves…I would bring a tree one at a time up to the front of the car where the headlights would allow him to see the size and shape of the tree… not having gloves on, my hands were literally froze holding the trunk of the tree waiting to get one that he wanted. Finally… After several trees he found the one he wanted… We took at home and decorated it..I cried without him knowing it as I knew it was his last….he fixed me a cup of Hot Chocolate and every year I have Hot Chocolate in his honor…

Donnie Cox

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