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The Nelons
The Nelons

Sam of Maryland

 In our travels, we meet so many interesting people and I always love to hear their stories. Mr. Sam was at a concert one weekend and invited us to his restaurant. As we ate, he began to share some of his life story. He had a lot of tragedies in a short timeframe of his life. Enough trials to make a person want to give up; but not Mr. Sam.

At the age of six years old, both of his parents were killed in an automobile accident. He and his older brother and younger sister then lived with his grandparents. At the age of 14, they also passed away. He really wasn’t sure what would happen next but an aunt in Maryland took him, and his grandmother’s sister took the other two children. Sam’s aunt raised him and put him through college.

photo_6223_20080605I asked him if he ever felt sad about losing so much and he said. “No, I’ve always been an optimistic kind, with the glass half full. Plus everywhere I went I always felt loved.”

There were two things that struck my heart about his story. First of all, that it matters how you react in life to its blows and punches. And secondly, that love will get you through a lot of things.

I can’t say that in my situations I always stayed positive, but I did know the Lord could handle everything I was going through and His love covered me too!

Maybe you need to know that someone loves you! God cares about your life, your health, your mind, and everything else that pertains to you. You are not alone!  He goes before you, behind you and walks beside you!

Kelly Nelon
Kelly Nelon

By Kelly Nelon Clark

First published in the November 2014 edition of SGN Scoops digital magazine.

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