Hyssongs Celebrate #1 Song


Hyssongs Celebrate #1 Song

Nashville, TN –

The Historic Two Rivers Mansion, located in the rolling hills on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, was the site of The Hyssongs #1 radio party.  On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, you could hear laughter and stories by Southern Gospel industry leaders echoing through the halls.

Dell, Susan, and Richard Hyssong were excited to have their first #1 radio song. The afternoon festivities were hosted by their record company, Chapel Valley, who also was celebrating their first #1 produced song.

The Hyssongs wanted those in attendance to know how much they appreciated each and every person involved in their ministry. As Richard stated on Tuesday, “Everyone had a part in the success of this song, but more importantly, together we can reach thousands for the cause of Christ.”

Dell Hyssong emceed most of the afternoon, passing out plaques and thanking those that mean so much to their family.  His wife, Susan, who is not typically in the spotlight, came around to the tables and passed out the cake.

The Hyssongs single, Let The Hallelujahs Ring, came in #1 on both the SGN Scoops July chart and the Singing News August chart.

Chapel Valley CEO Travis Roark states, “We are so proud of the Hyssongs and we are looking forward to much more success in their ministry.” His brother, and President of Chapel Valley, Shane Roark adds, “To have their CD, Faith & Faith, be nominated Top 10 Album of 2017 and then have their first #1 single in the same year shows how well the Hyssongs are doing.”

Vonda Easley, SGN Scoops Magazine was there to present a plaque to the Hyssongs for their number one song in Scoops for July. The Hyssongs presented Vonda with a plaque for her company, Hey Ya’ll Media for help in promoting the song.

Writers of the number 1 song, Lee Black and Kenna West were in attendance. For more information about The Hyssongs go to www.thehyssongs.com.  To reach Chapel Valley go to www.chapelvalleymusic.com or call 865-278-3681.

Writers of the number one song, Lee Black and Kenna West