KJIR Radio “The Cross” is gearing up for it’s 1st ever “Sharathon” which is coming up October 27-28, 2010

On October 27th & 28th KJIR is going to have its first on air sharathon ever. We have been on the air for ten years and have never had a fund raiser. This will be a time of great encouragement and an opportunity for all our listeners to get involved in helping us stay on the air with 24 hour ministry.
The statistics say that only 10% of all listeners support their local Christian radio stations.
What an open door for us to give to the Kingdom of God.
The Lord gave us this theme for the sharathon “HE Is GOD of Enough”.
This theme came from I Kings 17:8-16.
There was a drought in Israel and the brook where Elijah was staying had dried up. God told Elijah to go down to Zarephath and there God had a widow woman that would sustain him. When he got to the gate of the city he saw the woman gathering sticks to build a fire to cook her and her son’s last meal before they starved to death.  The man of God asked her to please bring him a drink of water and could she also bake him a cake that he can eat. She told him her situation of just a little meal in the barrel and a little oil in a bottle. Now the Man of God told her to go ahead and make her and her son a cake to eat but first bake him a cake and bring it to him, then bake one for her and her son. Elijah said to her, thus saith the Lord God of Israel. The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day the Lord sendeth rain upon the earth.
The Bible says that the widow woman did according to the Word of the Lord and she and her son did eat many days, because the barrel of meal wasted not and the cruse of oil didn’t run dry.
Lets look at this story for a moment and compare it to the time we live in right now. I believe God wants to show us something to sustain us in this drought that the whole earth is in.
God sees the situation that you and I are in and He is giving us an opportunity to act in faith according to His Word.
If you look at Elijah as a type of the Kingdom of God or ministry and the woman as a type of the church or the individual believer then you start to see that God has made a way in these perilous times for you and me. God wants us to take care of our families, bills and those things that it takes for us to survive.
But God is saying,“Give to Me and My work first, then go and do the rest and you will find that there will always be enough to sustain you and your family”.
This is not some prosperity message to get you to give, this is a Word to us that God will take care of us if we will give to Him first. In the book of Revelations Chapter 3:8 God is talking to the church of Philadelphia and says I know thy works: behold I have set before you an open door. And no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My Word, and hast not denied My name.  Then He tells them in verse 10 that because they have kept the Word of His patience, He says I will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.
God’s keeping hand is on them that trust in Him. Faith without works is dead and trust without some kind of acting in obedience on our part to God’s Word is not trust at all.
We have an open door before us to give to the work of God, be it large or small. It is not the amount but our faith in God’s Word and our trusting God to sustain us that matters. Will you pray about giving to this ministry during the sharathon and becoming a monthly partner so we can continue reaching this lost world with the message of Christ through the air waves.
May God’s keeping power sustain you as you obey His Word and Will for your life.