Lauren, Amber & Kenna’s “Won’t Be Me” is an affirmation of joy and peace through salvation

Lauren, Amber & Kenna

Arden, North Carolina — For their fourth single, the powerhouse Southern Gospel trio of Lauren, Amber & Kenna (Lauren Talley, 11th Hour’s Amber Eppinette Saunders, and Kenna Turner West) serve up “Won’t Be Me,” a joyously up-tempo affirmation of faith written by the same team — the three singers and collaborator Michael Farren — responsible for last year’s “A Little Bit of Heaven.”

“This world is filled with negativity and chaos,” observes Eppinette Saunders, who employs a seemingly boundless vocal range to lead the trio through its paces. “This song declares the choice we make every day to walk in the joy of the Lord and in the abundant life that we’re promised as believers, no matter what is around us.”

Sure enough, “Won’t Be Me” wastes no time in diving into its uplifting message. With a snappy opening lick that reveals producer Roger Talley’s choice to highlight guitar, keyboard and horns in the high-energy arrangement, the song moves swiftly into the rapid-fire revelation of verse and chorus:

There’s a choice that we make every day
When we roll out of bed
To believe what’s on the morning news
Or believe the good news instead
Some run and hide, all they do is cry
Filled with fear and doubt
Thinking the worst is yet to come
But I’m telling you right now

That won’t be me, that won’t be me
I’ve got overwhelming joy, and I’ve got everlasting peace
You can be down, down, down and out
As long as you want to be
But that won’t be me, that won’t be me

And while the trio return frequently to that exhilarating chorus, the arrangement is capacious enough to include a clever near-ending, leading to an expansive passage that features the trio digging into the title phrase with an abundance of spirit and airtight harmonies before recapping the chorus in a final burst of energy. From start to finish, “Won’t Be Me” is an engaging reminder of the musical and spiritual zest that brought Lauren, Amber, & Kenna together in the first place.
Listen to “Won’t Be Me” HERE.

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