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Nahum 1:7
The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.
This verse on the goodness of God is unique, in that, it is right in the middle of other verses that, on first impression, give you a whole different concept of God. It’s a vision given to Nahum of the coming destruction of Nineveh.
One hundred years before, Jonah had gone there to warn them of coming judgment. The city repented and turned to God. Now, they had turned back to evil and God’s wrath had been rekindled.
Today, it seems, the realities of God’s wrath are no longer realized or acknowledged. Not even in church circles. We hear of love and mercy. We hear of grace, and about Heaven. The positive attributes of God. They are absolutely positive and they are 100% God, but where we have missed the mark is denying that there is another side. There is also a God of wrath and vengeance. He is a God who will destroy and punish every act of sin, either in Hell or on the cross. It is because God’s holiness and perfect goodness that this is the case. Sin will always be avenged and brought to justice. Why? Because God is good.
We often hear that little phrase, “God is good.” Usually spoken by someone who is thankful for something good that has just come about in their life. But what about the believer who is facing the unthinkable? Is God still good? Does the goodness of God depend on our circumstances? Or should I say how we perceive our circumstances?
God is good. It is THE nature of God to be good. He knows those who trust in Him and to those people He has unleashed every promise and blessing from above. And when tribulations come and the unthinkable happens (and it will) those who trust in God can be assured that #1. He is absolutely there and #2. What we are going through, no matter how painful it seems at the time, is ultimately for our good. We can absolutely trust God.
For those who refuse to repent and turn from sin, God’s wrath is kindled. Today still gives opportunity because He IS full of mercy and grace, but the longer people refuse His call, the harder it becomes for them to hear it. One day, it will be silenced. Their hearts will become hardened. What a horrible thought, for God to leave someone to their own sinful devices.
Sin has a cost and so many times we see the heartbreak and the wrecked lives of those who wanted to do things their own way and refused to obey God. Not to mention an eternity of torment and separation from God in a place that was never intended for mankind.
While those who refuse God should be fearful, those who heeded His call, need not fear. God knows who they are, and Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Can I repeat that? “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”
If you are HIS.. you will hear His voice … and you will follow Him! Think about that.
God has a personal relationship with His children and He is their stronghold in times of trouble. Above all, He has promised them not vengeance or wrath, that was taken care of at Calvary… but He has promised eternal life with Him.
Aren’t you glad He is good? I know I am! Even when the answer isn’t what I wanted, I can trust in that goodness!
What a promise! God is good.
Let’s rest in that promise this week. 😊
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