Meet Emily Thomes!


Meet Emily! She shared her heart on Facebook yesterday. She shared with us today. Read this. Share this. Let it touch your heart as it has ours.

From Emily:

I came across this today and had to do a double take. She doesn’t even look like me. Her eyes look hollow. She’s dressed in a way that downplays the woman God made her to be. The girl on the left had no hope in the world. She was lost and lived only for herself. You couldn’t have told her that though; she was getting high everyday, sleeping around with various women, and living like there was no God, all while claiming to know Him. She was living ‘the life’ and she was a heartbeat away from the punishment due her for that life. The girl on the left was dead in her sins and trespasses. She couldn’t not sin because it’s all she knew and all her heart wanted. She could acknowledge there was a God and even claimed to read some of the Bible but she had no desire to obey it. Sin had her blinded to her need for forgiveness. Thanks be to God that He does not leave His bride in her sin. Praise Him for He opens our eyes and allows us to see the mire that we’re wallowing in when He saves us. Thanks be to God that He gives us His Spirit and causes us to walk in His statutes. I didn’t know I needed to be saved. I never foresaw that God would’ve given me the lot He prepared for me before the foundations of the world. Glory to God that it depends not on the will of man but on God when it comes to saving us. I would’ve never chosen Him had He not chosen me.

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