A message from T. Graham Brown


From T (Facebook)

Hey folks!
Sheila and I so appreciate the kind comments. She has loved me through the dark times when I was not the man that I should have been. She goes everywhere with me and that helps me stay on the right track. It is really something to see what God has done for us. I’m certain that there are those who find all of this very corny, but I’m here to tell you that it is as real as it could possibly be. I was one of those people that rolled my eyes and think “Give me a break!” when I would hear or read someone speak about these things. I was, I thought, much too cool to believe such nonsense. I felt that those kind of people were just attention seekers using religion to further whatever cause they were trying to promote, and, no doubt, there are plenty of people out there who are doing exactly that. They are the ones that non-believers hold up as examples of just the reason to scoff at the rest of us. Please know that Sheila and I are sincere and would never beat somebody over the head it. I’m just a guy who has been blessed with a little talent that allows me to get up in front of a crowd and do my best to make folks feel better and walk out, hopefully, a bit happier. If that helps someone, then it is worth it. Every day, for instance, I hear from somebody, that “Wine Into Water” has really helped them or someone close to them get sober. I had a bad drinking problem for years, so I know, firsthand, what damage it can do to people and families. Sheila and I are collecting stories from those who have an example of that and are willing to share. We would never use anyone’s real name in doing this. If you or a friend or family member have a story like this, please put it in your own words and send it to “showtgbiz@gmail.com”. Don’t worry about proper grammar or spelling, because we can edit any mistakes. We want real stories from real people. The book is not being put together to make money. It is being done to help those folks in a bad situation and are looking for a way out. These kind of stories help those in trouble see a way out. God takes care of the healing. Broken hearts, souls, and families are being made whole again, and that is a beautiful thing. There is no reason to continue to stumble around in the dark when there is a way out. If you feel like sharing this message with others, please do it. Forgive me if I am clumsy or sound preachy in sharing my feelings. I only think that it is part of my job, perhaps the most important part. I love people and I know in my heart of hearts that God loves us, every one. My God can see a black ant on a black rock on a black night.
Keep a good thought,