Ohio Gospel Music Association Songwriting Contest


Songwriting Contest


The OHIO GOSPEL MUSIC ASSOCIATION is conducting a “Songwriting Contest”

that will allow current Ohio residents, or those born in the State of Ohio, the opportunity to

submit their original gospel songs to the OGMA for review. For those born in the State of Ohio

but not currently residing therein, a copy of a birth certificate must be included with


The competition will begin on April 1, 2012. All submissions must be postmarked by

no later than May 31, 2012. A Committee will evaluate songs based on the following criteria:

* Biblical accuracy;

* lyrical content; and

* overall composition.

Each song submitted carries a $25 entry fee (payable to the OHIO GOSPEL MUSIC

ASSOCIATION). The song must be recorded onto CD and a lyric sheet provided with

submission, which becomes the property of the OGMA. The song must be no longer than

(5) minutes.

For each song, the Committee will complete a “Review Sheet”, which will be forwarded

to the songwriter upon completion of the Contest. The winner will receive a Certificate of

Achievement and, although the OGMA makes no guarantee the song will be recorded, the

winning song will be pitched by the OGMA to gospel music artists.

To submit your song, visit the OHIO GOSPEL MUSIC ASSOCIATION’s Facebook page to

download a copy of the Songwriting Contest Form. A writer may submit more than one song;

however, each submitted song must have its own Form.

All submissions should be sent to:


1718 Rausch Avenue

Dayton, OH 45432

(513) 897-3972 OR (513) 887-0212