Pray for those in the path of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the U.S. and Canadian east coast, bringing deadly winds and storm surges.

“(CNN)Just as Hurricane Florence closes in on the Southeast, the area covered by hurricane-force winds has doubled — meaning far more people will get blasted with winds 74 mph or greater. By late Thursday afternoon, the Carolina coasts can expect winds topping 80 mph….” in Raleigh, N.C. is reporting that more than 5000 customers are already without power in N.C. They report: “Although Hurricane Florence has not yet made landfall, the storm is already pounding North Carolina’s coast with devastating winds and rain. The hurricane should make landfall near Wilmington around 2 a.m., with most of the state feeling its effects throughout the weekend.”

Tornado warnings are also being reported. Forecasters say Florence’s eye could come ashore Friday morning, then hover along the coast Saturday, pushing up to 13 feet (nearly 4 meters) of storm surge.

Power in Prayer0We stand in prayer with everyone affected, asking God to keep you and your loved ones safe. We pray that those who do not have the ability or finances to get out of the way of the hurricane will be helped by their neighbors. We pray that Christians everywhere will see this as another opportunity to help our neighbors.