Prayers for Faith Church of Sherman Tx


Prayers for our friends at Faith Church of Sherman, Tx with news of Pastor Charles Glass’ passing.

Rob and I visited Faith Church last month and were welcomed with open arms. We have new friends that are hurting today.

Please join us in praying for the entire congregation and Sister Glass in the days ahead.

From the church’s website:

The life of Rev. Charles E. Glass is a testament to the power of an indomitable faith in God where vision becomes reality. No one knows this better than the Faith Church congregation who has observed time and time again the successes of his leadership, direction and ministry. Consequently, Faith Church stands firmly and resolutely behind this man of God who teaches us that in God “all things are possible” and that the vision for the church today rests not in what has been accomplished; rather, the vision is an expectant one that looks toward the future where, as in a song the congregation often sings, “the best is yet to come!”

What a testimony Pastor Charles has left behind for Faith Church.

Vonda Easley, SGN Scoops

Faith Church Sherman is the home of Southern Gospel Weekend -Texas this coming April. It is also the home church of board member, Ava Kasich.


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