Robb Tripp Recovery Update #29

Tuesday’s, December 7, 2021
Robb Tripp Recovery Update:
**Long post warning ⚠️ ***
But worth reading!!
Day #28 living past death. #29 in the hospital….Miracles Still Happen!
It is with much JOY and Grateful heart I am announcing Robb Tripp was discharged from the hospital today!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Robb is now continuing to recover at our family home.
In the first 3 days after the Cardiac arrest, Not one doctor or nurse gave me any hope of Robb living beyond the next 24 hours.
Day number 3 was my first ray of Hope. Then day #7 was our first major Miracle as the Brain Scan had “unusually” changed for the positive.
About then is when I began posting daily. I had to know he was going to actually live before I could dare post one Word. Yet, every step of the way I have known and believed God was raising him up. Full Recovery is what was Prophesied & where my Faith stands.
I am standing stronger than ever in faith. Doctor now says it is just a waiting game.
Thank God we have wonderful insurance for the hospital stay! 😨
However, I have no insurance for rehabilitation long term care…. Which is where they wanted to send us.
So….since I will be paying for it, out of pocket…cash…. The children & I, Decided to bring him home!
Where We fully believe he will continue to totally recover, speedily.
I already received The Report of The Lord.
Going home in God’s Hands. It is amazing how we give ourselves a false sense of security. We think we are safe. We have no threat of danger or loss. Just another day. When the real truth is God is our EVERYTHING. He is our only true source. We get so wrapped up in life. Thinking we got everything under control. But really…We Need God Every Moment.
“But Moses told the people, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again. The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” Exodus 14:13-14
Like the old song by Russ Taff says…
“When there was no other way… The Lord came through”
God is our healer and our provider. If the shoe 👠 was on the other foot… I have not one doubt Robb would step up & pay for my home health care. I know God will provide.
So tonight I rejoice that our little family is once again under the same roof. Except now our children have seen & know what Faith in God can do.
Almost exactly 4 weeks, to the hour… Robb came home to complete the recovery and healing.
Today starts another new chapter, a new beginning of our story of the miraculous!!
To everyone who has stood in Faith, prayed, sent a meal, sent a text or called. Thank you!! Only God knows the strength you have given us. I must give a special thank you to Pastor Greg & Gretchen DeVries & the entire The Well family. Thank you helping us every step of the way.
One more thank you… Everybody knows the The Tripp family is thankful for Christian TV. During our 29 day stay in the hospital the only Christian television network available in the room was TBN. I left it on 24 hours a day. I would turn it up at night before I was forced to leave, so Robb would hear it very well. Somehow, it always brought me peace knowing I was leaving him with familiar voices sharing God’s love & power.
My husband has sown many seeds into TBN. I would’ve never dreamed he would reap from that network in this way. 😢 But ohhhh..I am thankful for the light shining where it is dim. Christian TV goes places where there’s no hope. Thank you TBN family for giving us hope these 29 days. Forever grateful.
The Best is Yet To Come! I plan to start back our on line prayer. I believe soon Robb will be joining us!!
It is no fun to face a Red Sea…. But oh my…. When you watch your God part it…? No words to describe….
His Glory shall be revealed.
Please continue to pray with us. Now I am calling in the “Spring Fourth” & the “Suddenly”!!
Please continue to pray:
All infection continue to Go!
All wounds continue to heal.
Robb Tripp continue to fully Wake Up!
Physical Strength return.
We shall Recover all!
Pastors Robb & Shanda Tripp 💕