Shadow of the Cross Releases Debut CD To The Sky

Nashville, TN (December 21, 2009) – Talented and energetic vocal trio, Shadow of the Cross, recently released their debut CD, entitled, To The Sky.

The CD was recorded and produced in Nashville, TN, by veteran producer, Donna Beauvais. It is filled with uplifting and encouraging songs that will, hopefully, cause listeners to look up and appreciate the presence of God in their lives.

Beauvais shared, “I really love these three people. They are young and have a heart to reach everyone. They are so open to growing, listening, and learning. I have watched their gifts explode over the last few years, and I feel To The Sky will be a big part of the future growth of their ministry. What an honor to be a part of their lives.”

Group member, Jay Wilburn, spoke of the experience. “First of all, God is so AMAZING! Without Him, we would not have been able to complete this project. Secondly, being in the studio is always humbling experience. However, when it was all said and done (energy was refueled, voices came back, etc.), it was well worth it. Working with Donna and Anthony Johnson (engineer) in the studio was truly a blessing. They exhibit so much talent in everything that they do.”

You can learn more about Shadow of the Cross and hear sound clips of the new project by visiting