Special Harmony Road TV Episode Hosted By T. Graham Brown

Special Harmony Road TV Episode Hosted By T. Graham Brown
Special Harmony Road TV Episode Hosted By T. Graham Brown

Nashville, TN  Harmony Road TV, the nationally televised gospel music television program is set to continue its 2017 season with a special episode, hosted by the legendary T. Graham Brown. The program is scheduled to air nationwide, beginning Saturday, February 25.

Music and video on the episode includes a broadcast premiere video, “The Reason,” from Jordan’s Crossing as well as the heartfelt “Wine into Water,” from host T. Graham Brown..

Viewers will also enjoy the award winning “Hidden Heroes,” from the Talleys, and “The Cookes and the Hinsons,” from Zach and Rodney, with Michael Lee. The episode includes Tammy Jones Robinette with “If I Could Take My Family,” and the classic “I’ll Have a New Life,” from Southern Raised.

When asked about T. Graham Brown, John Mathis of Mansion Music said, “T is not only a great performer, but he’s a great person who loves and cares for people. He’s a bright light of inspiration no matter what stage he is on, and he has reached and changed a lot of lives!”

One of music’s most recognizable voices, Brown has earned 20 charting singles and 3 number ones on the Billboard charts. “Wine into Water” is a powerful, personal testimony as to how his life has changed with the help of God, and the support of his wife, Sheila. The video was taped at Mansion Music studios in Franklin, Tennessee. Graham is accompanied by well known musician, Brad Davis.

An original song, “The Reason,” was written by members of Jordan’s Crossing. The song and video were produced by the award winning Phil Cross. Information on Jordan’s Crossing can be found at www.jordanscrossingmusic.com. Learn more about Phil Cross at www.philcrossmusic.com.

The episode was directed and edited by Rob Walls of Varnish Films. Rob Patz, of Coastal Media is also a producer at Harmony Road TV. Danny Joines of Online Media Studios provides the web presence for the show. Roger Spears serves as the program’s Executive Producer.

Broadcasting on The Heartland Network, NRBTV, The WALKTV, WATC57 in Atlanta and several more outlets, Harmony Road TV is available to over 90 million homes weekly, across the nation and internationally. Information on networks and times can be found online at www.harmonyroadtv.com.