The Spencers – In My Robe of White

As a family, the Spencers recorded their first album in 1972 with twenty nine projects to follow. JB and Barbara, their daughter Geniece and their two sons Wade and Kevin, traveled together and spread the Gospel in song for more than three decades. When Barbara was five years old, she started singing in church, and she learned to play the guitar when she was eleven. When she met JB, he had just bought a new Gibson guitar and was learning to play it. He was also interested in singing, and Barbara sang her way into his heart. She later taught JB how to sing harmony, and they began singing together in their home church shortly after they were married.
Their three children learned to play and sing at a very early age. Wade plays the mandolin, lead guitar and rhythm guitar. Geniece plays piano and rhythm guitar, and Kevin plays the bass and rhythm guitar. God definitely called this family into the singing ministry and has opened doors for them all across America and in several foreign countries. In 1982 Geniece wrote the classic hit song, In My Robe of White, and it was on the Top 20 charts by the Spencers and Gold City Quartet at the same time, with Gold City taking it to the number one spot. This song has been recorded hundreds of times by various artists. (The Spencers Gospel Bio)

Today, let’s Celebrate The Spencers… wonderful song and family!