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Throwback Thursday- Dottie Rambo

Written by scoopsnews on July 9, 2020 – 6:56 am -

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She was born Joyce Reba Luttrell in Madisonville, Kentucky in 1934 to Jerald Vernon “Chick” and Elizabeth Luttrell. According to personal accounts, she grew up in poverty and developed an early affinity for country music. She learned to play guitar while listening at night to the Grand Ole Opry on WSM radio in Nashville. At age eight, she started writing songs while sitting on a creek bank near her Morganfield, Kentucky home. 

Today is Throwback Thursday at SGN Scoops and we celebrate Dottie Rambo and her music that has touched many lives through the years.

Rambo received numerous awards and other honors over the years, including one Grammy and three GMA Dove Awards. She was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame on two occasions; once with the Rambos and once as a solo artist. In 1994 the Christian Country Music Association awarded her with the Songwriter of the Century Award. She was given the ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000, and two Christian Country Music Association (CCMA) awards; the Pioneer Award in 2003, and in 2004, Songwriter of the Year. She was inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame] in 2006.

Her 2002 CD, Stand By The River, won two Christian Music Fan Awards, for Song of The Year and Duo of The Year (with Dolly Parton). The Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame inducted Rambo in 2007. She was inducted posthumously into the Christian Music Hall of Fame at the induction award ceremony on June 14, 2008. She was also posthumously inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Her manager and granddaughter accepted on her behalf. In 2011, Rambo was honored with a star on Music City’s Walk of Fame, which her daughter Reba accepted on her behalf.


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“But in the Valley, He Restoreth My Soul” – Wisdom from Dusty Wells

Written by Staff on July 29, 2017 – 8:05 am -

Dony McGuire. Reba Rambo McGuire. Dusty Wells

Dony McGuire. Reba Rambo McGuire. Dusty Wells

I have sung about it from the time I was a young kid of 14 years old, right after I got saved. I have talked about it over and over with many troubled hurting people through the years. I have lived it, and I have been in the valley numerous times. I sure have, and I am fairly certain each of you have had those times in your own life where you have been there. We’ve all been in the dark lonely valley of life. And if you haven’t, let me assure you, you will in time. It’s just a part of the journey that we all have to go thru and deal with. It’s so painful yet so necessary for us to go to that new place in Him.


Precious mama Dottie Rambo penned her song, “(In the Valley) He Restoreth My Soul” during one of the darkest periods of her own life. There were many times when we would be out on the road traveling, or we would be sitting at her home when she would be in some of the most excruciating back pain, or as she struggled to understand the whys of her own journey, that I would sit there and be praying with her. She would start singing the lyrics to herself, almost as a prayer, and before I knew it, I would be joining in. Within a little bit of time, we both knew that we would come out of the valley.

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Remembering the Rambos…..

Written by scoopsnews on May 2, 2017 – 11:07 am -

Reba Rambo-McGuire and her mother, Dottie Rambo


The Rambos were an American Southern gospel music group that was formed in the 1960s. They were one of the most successful Gospel trios of the 20th century. The group consisted of Buck and Dottie Rambo at first along with several various people singing with them and they were joined by their daughter, Reba, in 1965. They were inducted into the Gospel Music Association‘s Hall of Fame in 2001. (Wikipedia)


Take a listen to this Rambos song. Today we celebrate THE RAMBOS!




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Wisdom from Dusty Wells: This Place

Written by Staff on January 8, 2017 – 11:16 am -

Dusty Wells

Dusty Wells

By Dusty Wells

One of my favorite cherished memories that I hold onto, of my many years of traveling, ministering, taking care of and walking alongside of the late prolific songwriter, artist and my friend Dottie Rambo, was listening to her tell me stories of how she was divinely inspired to write certain songs. Or how she would come up with ideas for her lyrics and music….you see Dottie was not one that liked to be put into a room and told to write something. She hated having deadlines for writing for a new project. She always wanted her heart, life and soul to be open, honest and vulnerable to where she was on her own journey.


Dottie lived what she sang and then she sang what she lived. She chose to live her songs and then share them with the world. Many days and nights of our traveling together or sitting at her house doing work during the evening, I would hear her crying out in pain from her back problems. I knew one of the only things that would help is when she would get in the anointing, so I would start asking her to tell me about her life, her journey, the fans she loved and the story behind the songs.


I had the opportunity to tape many of those conversations via an old cassette recorder that she loved to tape on while recording new song ideas. She always wanted to have a book out on the Story Behind the Songs. We would always end up with tons of used Kleenex tossed aside, and tears and laughter taking us to new places. She had a story for everything or so it seemed. I loved listening to her and I loved to encourage her to tell me more.


Dony McGuire. Reba Rambo McGuire. Dusty Wells

Dony McGuire. Reba Rambo McGuire. Dusty Wells

This morning as I was out walking, I was doing a little praying and seeking God for some certain answers not only for our life but also for several friends who are in desperate need for answers. I looked around at the beautiful foliage and greenery that surrounds the lake which we live close to, and I was reminded so gently that God is all around us. Yes He is in the churches where we worship, in the concert halls we sing at,and in the grand cathedrals that were built in His honor. He is found in all of those places, but He is right here in our hearts. That is His dwelling place. I felt Him in a fresh way and I knew He was right there with us.


I started humming the classic Dottie chorus, “Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome,” and all of a sudden I remembered her telling me the story of how that song came to be.


The Rambos (Buck, Dottie and Reba) had been invited to sing behind the Iron Curtain in the early ‘70’s. They were told they could sing any and all of their songs, but they could not talk about God or the blood of Jesus if they were to talk and share in between the songs. All they could do was sing the Gospel. Nothing else would be tolerated.

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Waaaay-Back Wednesday

Written by scoopsnews on September 7, 2016 – 9:43 am -


Anyone remember this?

It’s Waaaaay-back Wednesday! This is great. Dottie Rambo and The Crabb Family……..

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Remembering Dottie……

Written by scoopsnews on May 14, 2016 – 6:17 pm -




Remembering this precious lady…..

Dottie Rambo (March 2, 1934 – May 11, 2008) was an American gospel singer and songwriter. She was a Grammy and multiple Dove Award-winning artist. Rambo, along with husband Buck and daughter Reba, formed the award-winning southern Gospel group, The Rambos. She penned more than twenty-five hundred songs, including her most notable “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need”, “We Shall Behold Him”, and “I Go To the Rock”.

Here’s  another favorite:


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Dottie Rambo…..

Written by scoopsnews on March 2, 2016 – 4:57 am -


Happy Birthday in Heaven today Ms Dottie Rambo from SGN Scoops!


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Flashback Friday

Written by scoopsnews on February 25, 2016 – 10:51 pm -


It’s Flashback Friday! Today we are flashing back to 2001 where Vestel Goodman and Dottie Rambo shared this wonderful moment. Did you love these two ladies? If so, share this video with a friend and let’s flood Facebook with these two anointed women of God on this Flashback Friday!

Watch this video from you tube.


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Buck Rambo talks to Randall Hamm

Written by Staff on February 22, 2016 – 7:53 pm -

ramboRandall Hamm had an opportunity to sit down and talk with the late Buck Rambo at the time of the passing of his wife Dottie in 2008. He shares that interview in this clip:

We at SGNScoops were saddened to hear of Rambo’s passing. In 2011, I was privileged to interview Buck, Reba,  Dony and Destiny of Rambo-McGuire. It was a treat to sit in the presence of legends and talk about their music and ministry. Now that gentleman is sitting at the feet of His Savior.

SGN Scoops writer Lorraine Walker interview with Rambo McGuire 2011

SGN Scoops writer Lorraine Walker interview with Rambo McGuire 2011

My thought and prayers as well as the rest of the team at SGNScoops goes out to Mae, Reba, Dony,  Destiny, Israel and all of Buck’s family as they say goodbye.

Lorraine Walker

For the feature with Rambo McGuire click here.

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Road to the 2015 Diamond Awards: Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year

Written by Staff on February 26, 2015 – 9:20 am -

Jeff Steele, 2014 Dottie Rambo Songwriter Of The Year

Jeff Steele, 2014 Dottie Rambo Songwriter Of The Year

Dottie Rambo was a much-loved and awarded singer/songwriter of Christian music who was killed in a bus accident in May 2008. She is said to have written over 2500 songs, many of which are sung regularly in churches, recorded often by artists and loved by millions. Dottie wrote such songs as “He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs,” “In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul,” and “We Shall Behold Him.”

We are traveling the Road to the 2015 Diamond Awards during this nomination period, by highlighting the definition of each award category. The Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year is a nationally-charting songwriter in Southern, Country or Bluegrass Christian music whose songs are recorded by Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel artists.

Reba Rambo-McGuire and her mother, Dottie Rambo

Reba Rambo-McGuire and her mother, Dottie Rambo

On November 4th, 2014, the Diamond Awards were held at the 2014 Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge. The winner of the 2014 Diamond Award Dottie Rambo Songwriter of the Year was Jeff Steele. Jeff has written many songs that have touched hearts and his family group, The Steeles, have often charted his songs. These songs include, “But God,” “We Want America Back,” and “On The Road to Emmaus.” He is also an author, speaker and pastor. Jeff has had songs recorded by almost every group in Southern Gospel and is much loved by the fans who voted for him for the 2014 Diamond Award winner.

The 2015 Diamond Award Nominations are now open on the SGN Scoops website until March 31. Everyone is invited to the website to enter the Nominations area and list their top ten favorite picks for each Diamond Award category. You can vote today from the link below!

Who will you decide to nominate this year?

2015 Diamond Awards

2015 Diamond Awards







Be sure to vote for your favorite nominees today.

The list of nominees will be posted on the site and fans will then nominate their favorites from this list, with a maximum of five names nominated per award. In
this way, the field of nominees will be narrowed to ten, voted on by fans once more and then narrowed to five. This final list of five will then be voted on by fans to find the one winner for each award.

Make plans now to join us for the 2015 Diamond Awards during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee from November 2nd through 5th, 2015. For more information visit

2015 Diamond Awards Nominations can be found at

The Diamond Awards are hosted by SGN Scoops digital magazine and Coastal Media Group.

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