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An Awesome Birthday

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 27, 2019 – 8:16 pm -

An Awesome Birthday

An Awesome Birthday

From James Rainey

This was supposed to be a routine eye exam today. This Dr. from Taiwan, pulls out his Bible and started sharing the Word of God with me. Why can’t we all do this? He is from another country, and is more proud of God than we are! What a great Birthday gift to sit in a chair and get told how good God is.


Happy Birthday My Friend


Rob Patz


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James Rainey Begins New Recording Label

Written by SGN Scoops on October 31, 2013 – 12:11 pm -

Harrisburg, Illinois James Rainey Productions announced today that his company is embarking on a new chapter in their line of Declaration212 Label logoquality Gospel Music with a brand-new recording studio and label in Harrisburg, Illinois.  James is enthusiastic about the future of this studio, and the artists that currently are recording at this amazing facility.  The mission of James’s studio is to provide excellence and professionalism in recording while at the same time making the their efforts cost effective to Gospel artists.

 James has had over 25 years experience in Gospel Music as the pianist and arranger for such groups as The Singing Americans, The Trailblazers, The Hoppers and The Greenes. This new studio promises to deliver innovative recorded product from a plethora of gospel music’s developing artists.  Another aspect to his production studio is the inception of a brand new recording label: Declaration 212 Productions.  Some may ask, ” What does that mean? ”  Declaration of course is making a statement . 212 – At 211 degrees, water is just hot. At 212, it produces steam. And with steam you can power a train.  James believes that the extra degree makes all the difference. We declare that we are that one degree –  we will not stop with 211, but push to achieve that extra degree.

 Headlining the new label is Steve Hess and Southern Salvation. This trio promises to be one the greatest trios ever to hit the southern gospel market. With a name like HESS, it doesn’t get any better than that.

 Also, John Nimmo is finishing up what looks like to be the most unique Christmas CD ever. John and James have combined some of music’s greatest moments into traditional Christmas songs, giving them a total new flavor. There is even a sax solo on one of the songs from the great Phil Kenzie, who has played for the Beatles, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, the famous baker street sax solo, and much more. The drummer is Tim Horsley who has played for many of country’s greatest stars. Miss Natalie Cameron, friends with Vince Gill, is doing the background vocals.

 The label is accepting demos from new and upcoming artists.  You can contact James about this exciting new studio and label. Phone 304-421-1278     Facebook: james michael rainey   Website:



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