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The Lighthouse Boys Release Single Through Patterson Promotions

Written by Staff on April 7, 2015 – 2:06 pm -

The Lighthouse Boys

The Lighthouse Boys

(Bakersfield, CA) The Lighthouse Boys chose to send their latest song, “From Heaven’s Point of View,” to national radio through Patterson Music Group. The Southern Gospel group makes their home in Bakersfield, CA and the group is comprised of Mark Underwood, Steve Johnson, Bill Underwood, Stephen Underwood, Tommy Smith, Jimmy Woods, and Carl Barber. They have deep roots in the Southern Gospel genre and Bakersfield and surrounding areas in their region are fertile ground for sewing seeds of Christian music. The group belongs to the Western States Gospel Music Association (WSGMA) where they are called upon to minister in song. Pauline Patterson notes, “It’s exciting to get the chance to work with the Lighthouse Boys. I feel they have chosen an excellent song to send to national radio. These men truly touch hearts and their music speaks to the lost and those suffering. I’m so glad to be a part of their mission!” The song has been made available on itunes, amazon, Google play, xbox music, Spotify and more. PR & Press Kit:, Radio:, Contact the group:

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 10, 2014 – 7:44 pm -

Ken and Pauline Patterson

Ken and Pauline Patterson

Ken Patterson has had two deaths in his family this past week — his cousin passed away one morning and his baby sister, Paula Jones, died the same day. Today, August 10th, he received word that his baby brother, Jim Patterson, had died also, apparently from a massive heart attack. Jim would have been 52 this month.

Pauline Patterson (owner of Patterson Music Group, Patterson Promotions and Southern Gospel Times) is asking for special prayer for her husband during this tragic time. Not only is Ken dealing with the losses in his family, but he continues to recover from a quadruple-bypass heart surgery March 12, 2014. With his body still weak and carrying the weight of his grief, he needs extra strength and prayer during this time.

We know that GOD ANSWERS PRAYER and we thank all of you ahead of time for your concern. We are believing for Ken’s complete recovery, and for God’s grace to give Him emotional and physical strength during this time of grief.

Cards of sympathy and condolences can be sent to:
Ken and Pauline Patterson, 768 Walnut Road, Lily, KY 40740

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Written by SGN Scoops on January 20, 2014 – 8:36 am -

Patterson Music Group announces the launch of a new Record Label, PA MUSIC, under the direction of Southern Gospel veterans, Pauline Patterson and Angie (Hoskins) Aldridge.  Their combined wealth of knowledge of the Southern Gospel music industry and years of experience provide a strong foundation for producing professional recordings.
Pauline Patterson is owner of PATTERSON MUSIC GROUP, home of Patterson Promotions, (a national-charting Radio Promotions group for over 8 years), Southern Gospel Times, (an online magazine that hosts the nation’s only Weekly Fan-Voted TOP 40 Southern Gospel chart) and The Southern Gospel Times Label, (an Artist Development label.) 
patterson groupSinger/songwriter Angie (Hoskins) Aldridge has traveled nationwide with her family, the award-winning HOSKINS FAMILY, appearing on many major Southern Gospel events.  Nominated for 6 Dove awards, their songs have garnered Chart-Topping success including Top 10’s and Top 5’s.  Their song, “Safe Thus Far,” hit the #1 spot on the Singing News Chart and was also recognized as BMI’s Top 3 Most Played for the year.
Pauline shares, “I’m excited about this next phase of work of Patterson Music Group … producing great projects for our clients. As a radio promoter I see the need for many to upgrade their recordings and I know with the help of seasoned producer Angie Hoskins Aldridge we will bring artists a project that they will be proud to send to national radio. Radio is looking for quality and we will give it to our clients. Angie is a gifted young woman and I’m proud to be working with this talented singer, songwriter and record producer.”
“This is going to be exciting!  Producing is an interest and a love I have always had,” says Angie.  “The sky is the limit for these projects!  State of the art studios, professional art work and photography, quality background vocals, seasoned vocal production, top quality musicians and established radio promotions!  What else is there?”
PA MUSIC offers commercial recording and professional production no matter what level you are at.  A complete recording package includes a 10 Song Project, Professional Recording with Angie Hoskins and Pauline Patterson co-producing, 3 days Studio Time, (1 for tracks, 2 for vocals), 5 of  Nashville’s Top Musicians, Performance Tracks, and a Professional Photo Shoot.
Call now to book your Recording Date for 2014 or for more details and pricing.
Pauline Patterson: 606-523-1490

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Cross Pointe Signs Long-term Agreement with EHA-Nashville

Written by SGN Scoops on September 3, 2013 – 3:03 pm -

Cross Pointe of Lancaster, OH, recently signed a major long-term contract with EHA-Nashville on the heels of their latest release, “Time crosspointe2After Time.” The Southern Gospel group is made up of Bill Pitts, Conda Barlow, and Debbie Wright.” The group has had success with national exposure through the help of radio promoter, Pauline Patterson of Patterson Music Group. Evie Hawkins notes, “I am very happy to be a part of Cross Pointe’s team. This group will be featured in our artist showcase next week at the National Quartet Convention. It’s an honor to be working with them now and throughout 2014!” For a free press kit:, 256-509-1514
Hear songs, purchase their music and soundtracks, and learn more about Cross Pointe at They also can be found on Facebook!

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Peach State Quartet Signs With Patterson Music Group

Written by SGN Scoops on August 9, 2013 – 3:37 am -

Patterson Promotions of Patterson Music Group is pleased to announce the addition of the Peach State Quartet of Arnoldsville Ga. to peach stateits roster of artists.
Peach State Quartet has been singing since 1972, and consists of Matt Upton-Tenor, Doug Stroup-Baritone, John Walker –Lead and Joe Harden –Bass.

Pauline met PSQ at the National Quartet Convention this past year, after spending a good hour visiting with them in her booths she came away feeling that theirs was a union orchestrated by God.

Peach State Quartet is a group of young men with great talent and hearts to use these talents to spread the gospel in song to every city, state and town that they can get to.

PSQ has just released their second single entitled “We Will Stand”   with Patterson Promotions on Vol. 12, which has just shipped to radio, the song was produced by Phil Cross.

PSQ last single “Right On Time God” has charted in the Christian Voice Top 100 for several months and is currently # 62 for Sept.
PSQ has been voted in the Top 5 Quartets in 2012 by Southern Gospel Music Conference.

Be sure to watch their website for a date near you in this coming year. They still have some open dates for 2013.If you would like a group of energetic, talented and anointed young men you will be sure to enjoy them.

Contact Peach State by calling 770 365-5067 –

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Larry Davis Launches Solo Career with Radio Single

Written by SGN Scoops on May 20, 2013 – 7:17 am -

larrydavisLarry Davis is no stranger to gospel music, he has been involved with several groups over the years, he has now embarked on a solo career and has chosen Patterson Promotions to represent him to National Radio , Larry’s first single “God Is Near In Times Of Fear” is on the Southern Gospel Times a PMG secondary label and is doing real well at radio, his song has also been # 1 on the Southern Gospel Times Top 40 ,fan based chart.

Larry and his wife Sonda, started early in their marriage singing together and continued until he joined the Watchmen Quartet. Larry sang with the Watchmen for 8 years with a dear friend, Larry Laird. Then he and Gail Nelson formed the Crownsmen Quartet and enjoyed singing with them for many years.

Larry is a member of the Southern Gospel Music Association, Christian Songwriters and Musicians International, Tennessee Gospel Music Association and Georgia Gospel Music Association. He is married to Sonda and they have 1 daughter Stacey. Larry and Sonda reside in Newton, MS.

Be watching for more from Larry in the near future!



You may contact Larry at : larry < or

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Patterson Music Group Announces PP Vol. 11 National Radio Releases

Written by SGN Scoops on March 29, 2013 – 6:14 am -

 Patterson Music Group NEW LOGO{EHA-Nashville, TN) Gospel hit songwriter and recording artist, Phil Cross, brings the popular Poet Voices into the national spotlight as he enlists Patterson Music Group’s radio division to represent the trio with promotions. The fans proved they were excited about the group’s re-launch last year as the group made a renewed commitment to their full-time music ministry. Phil’s, “Grace Will Bring Me Home,” is the first song on the PP Vol. 11 radio comp. The Singing Cookes, who have been a Gospel music staple for decades, has the 2nd song on PP. Vol. 11 with “I’ll Be There.” This group has realized many successful recordings and has been a household name among fans everywhere. Songwriter and former member of Heaven’s Highway, David Timms, sings in his trademark Gospel style with, “Everything You Died For.” David writes and has aligned himself with the songwriting talents of Gerald Crabb, as well. 
The Partons, who do tours in Canada and hail from the same Eastern Tennessee area of their cousins, Dolly and Stella, have an uplifting, “Up Ahead” on this comp. The soulful, rich vocals of the radio promoter herself, Pauline Patterson, will be enjoyed by listeners across the country, as she offers a gem, “Her Roots Run Deep.” Tim Ooten has endeared many with his moving songs, as made evident with his charting success on the fan-voted top 40 at Southern Gospel Times. He sends out “Set Free” and has been consistently marketed to national radio through Patterson Promotions. “Way Too Close” is going out from the Gibbons Family, and Pauline notes, “I am excited to be working with the Gibbons Family. I believe the listeners will really enjoy this song from this anointed family.” The Underwoods, from Nettleton, MS, have been ministering with their music for many years and they have “Will You Meet Me (Over Yonder)” for release. Steven Lawson is another popular artist among fans and releases “Just for Me.” Mercy’s Bridge is also no stranger to the Gospel Music genre and they have sent “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” through Pauline. 

“Two Coats,” is going out through the popular Lancaster, Ohio group, Cross Pointe . “Under Grace” is the song, Georgia, well-loved Southern Gospel trio, chose for release and Brandon Hughes chose “The Old Lighthouse Shining Still.”  Jr. Deason has “I Built a Cross for a King,”Appearing on their new entry level label Southern Gospel Times are Steven Taylor who recorded, “Now I Know What Praising God will Do,” and Larry Davis sends out “God Is Near in Times of Fear.” Pauline Patterson notes, “I believe this is a great comp and we are so excited to be working for these wonderful artists. I hope everyone calls radio and supports the release of these new songs. I believe they’re really going to be a blessing!”  For additional info: PR contact:

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Cross Pointe Releases “Two Coats” to Radio thru Patterson Promotions

Written by SGN Scoops on March 21, 2013 – 5:54 am -

cross pointe{EHA-Nashville, TN} Popular Lancaster, OH trio, Cross Pointe, inked an agreement with Patterson Music Group’s radio division. The new single is “Two Coats” and is a new version of the older song, which is over 100 years old. They are noted for their freshman release, “Run to Jesus,” written by group member, Bill Pitts. The group originates from Lancaster, OH and is made up of Bill, Debbie Wright, and Conta Barlow.  “Two Coats” is part of the soon to be released project, “Roots: Old and New.” The project is filled with songs over 50 years old and newly written songs by John Darin Rowsey, who produced the project. Also included on the project are songs written by Bill, Barbara Lister Williams, and Craig Heath. Pauline Patterson, of Patterson Promotions notes, “I’m excited to be a part of Cross Pointe’s ministry. “Two Coats” will go to national radio April 1st and we are looking for positive response with this anointed trio!” To hear the group’s songs and more Follow their links to facebook. Publicity info:, Radio Promotions:

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Tim Livingston Signs Agreement with Patterson Music Group

Written by SGN Scoops on February 27, 2013 – 1:45 pm -

Gospel Music recording artist Tim Livingston signs Publicity and Special Promotions Agreement with Patterson Music Group.  Tim tim and paulineLivingston states “I’m excited to be working with Pauline and Ken at Patterson Music Group.  Pauline has proven over the years to be a valued friend and promoter to so many Southern Gospel Music Artists. And has proven to be devoted in promoting the Gospel. I’m honored that Pauline is in my corner and helping my music ministry reach more souls with my songs.” Patterson Music Group will be engaged in specialized publicity/promotions for Tim Livingston Music. Tim’s latest album “Here’s A Miracle” has experienced tremendous response from Southern Gospel and Country Gospel Radio. Tim’s first two singles “Here’s A Miracle” was #1 in Christian Voice CG for Dec ’12 and “Grow Through This Valley” will be #1 in CV CG for April ’13 and has climbed to #31 in CV SG and #55 in Singing News after just second month for April.  Tim Livingston was awarded the Gold Cross Songwriter of the Year by the ICGMA for 2012. And is currently nominated as a TOP 5 Finalist in 8 Categories in the 2013 CGM FanFest and SGM FanFair Awards. Including Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Male Vocalist, Album of the Year, Soloist and Male Horizon.

Tim was just notified of TOP 5 Finalist Nominations by the Christian Voice Magazine !!
Country Gospel
Soloist, Male Horizon, Favorite Male
Vocalist, Songwriter, Song of the Year, Album.
Southern Gospel
Song of the Year and New Excelling Artist

Contact Tim Livingston on or call 937-454-9000 or

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Patterson Promotions Changes Name to Patterson Music Group as Company Expands

Written by SGN Scoops on December 21, 2012 – 9:55 am -

Patterson Music Group NEW LOGO{EHA-Nashville, TN} Pauline Patterson, owner of Patterson Promotions, announces a name change as the company expands its services. Patterson Promotions will now be recognized as Patterson Music Group. Pauline, who has successfully promoted Southern Gospel music into the airwaves and charts for over seven years has broadened the company services by adding a new song publishing company. The services of Patterson Music Group will include radio promotions, song publishing under Patterson Publishing, the Southern Gospel Times ezine, and publicity for artists on the radio promotions roster. Pauline notes, “Ken and I are so pleased that
we have been able to expand services for our clients. We feel Patterson Publishing will be beneficial for those who are looking for great material to record and be an added feature for those who would like to have their material published. Patterson Music Group is here to serve our artists and we will continue to strive to expand services that will promote and uplift Gospel Music. Our mission is to reach souls and the Lord keeps helping us to expand more in order to achieve a larger audience for our artists. We are so thankful for the growth the Lord has allowed us.”

For more info:
Patterson Music Group
768 Walnut Rd.
Lily,Ky. 40740
Ph. 606 528-0033,/pattersonpromotions

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