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‘Blazing Pianos’ Goes on Road

Written by Scoops Staff on November 17, 2010 – 9:31 am -

After debuting at the Branson Gospel Music Convention pianists Zack Swain, Jeff Duffield & Shannon Bunch are taking the show on the road. Shannon, a nationally recognized pianist & solo artist shares, “The Blazing Pianos is going to be a show that is like no other, encompassing gospel tunes, pop & country as well as American classics. We feel there is a need for a family-friendly show ‘on the road’.
While this format is very entertaining it will allow us to plant the gospel seed into the lives of the un-churched that attend.” Zack Swain, the youngest member of the team, is perhaps one of the most talented pianists in gospel music. A student of the Stamps-Baxter School of Music, he has shared the stage with some of the industry’s finest artists. His forte of piano solos is a “wow factor” each time he plays. Jeff Duffield privately studied with renowned classical pianist, Reinhold Freche & later at the Berklee School of Music. He has over 700 albums to credit.

The Blazing Pianos will begin its concert touring debut in Nampa, ID Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 7:00pm at the Nampa Civic Center filmed in HD (high definition) before a live audience with special guests Homeland Harmony Quartet from Nampa, ID. Tickets are on sale now at A temporary website for this event can be viewed at An official website is forthcoming.

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Rob Patz to MC Praise Inc’s 6th Anniversary Celebration

Written by Rhonda on October 14, 2010 – 7:43 am -


{EHA-Nashville, TN} Manor House (Division of Mansion Entertainment) recording artists, Praise Incorporated has been experiencing much success with recently released, “I’ve Been Forgiven” and continues to criss-cross the country with their popular program of hope and encouragement. “There’s A Miracle Coming” is also a fan favorite. This week takes the quartet to revival in May, TX, First Baptist Church, Oct 11, 6PM, and Tue. Oct 12, 6PM. In addition, the group’s homecoming event will be Saturday, October 23, 6:00pm – 9:30pm at First Baptist Church, 1015 McKiniey, Benbrook, TX. The group notes, “Please come and help us celebrate our 6th Anniversary in Ministry. We have a great lineup and the one and only Rob Patz will be our emcee. Come and enjoy the ministries of Sherman Andrus, His Call, CrossPoint, Southern Charm, Shannon Bunch and of course Praise Incorporated with Zack Swain. No Tickets are required but please be prepared to give a love offering. There are 19 families in these ministries that need your support. Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone. Please pass along this information to your church family and friends too. God bless you all.”
To book Praise Incorporated, contact the group or their agent at: or

11 Music Circle South
Suite 106
Nashville, TN 37203

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Brain Surgery For Shannon Bunch In Near Future

Written by Rhonda on August 30, 2010 – 1:41 pm -

Shannon Bunch has been suffering with a  a neuro-muscular disease for the past 24 years called dystonia. In brief, dystonia is involuntary muscle contractions.  There is a procedure that has only been available to dystonia patients since the early 2000’s where brain surgery is performed to insert deep brain stimulators or DBS. DBS surgery consists of implanting two probes into the basal ganglia / sub-thalamic area of the brain. Lead wires are then “fished” underneath the scalp to the collar bone region where a battery is placed much like a pacemaker. The DBS, once engaged, will intercept the contracting signals to stop or greatly lessen the spasms. Shannon has been experiencing pain since the 7th grade, but  did not receive a diagnosis until 8 years ago. In spite of a regimen of Botox Injection treatments and other medications, the pain has significantly increased. At this time, the surgery is not scheduled pending insurance authorizations which should be completed in 1-3 months. The DBS process is broken down into 3 steps, the first of which is performed under local anesthesia. 

Shannon and his family greatly appreciate prayer support during this time.  Specific prayer requests are for minimal pain for Shannon, and for his wife Melissa as she  carries the burden of  more house-hold tasks.  Also prayers are appreciated concerning finances since it’s possible the procedure could hinder ministry travel. 

The staff at extends well wishes and prayer support to Shannon and his family during this time.

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Shannon Bunch Signs Exclusive Booking Agreement with EHA–Nashville

Written by Rhonda on August 17, 2010 – 2:58 am -

{Nashville, TN- EHA- Nashville 8/6/10}  Successful solo artist, Shannon Bunch, has announced his booking agreement with EHA-Nashville. Bunch is one of Southern Gospel’s most promising voices. He is a touring pianist and vocalist who has had multiple Diamond Award nominations for Soloist of the Year. He has been featured on award-winning The Gospel Greats and has also graced the stages of the Branson Gospel Music Convention since its inception. Most recently Bunch was a part of the Diamond Awards Piano Jubilee. He is a writer and publisher of such songs as The Harvest Is Ripe, It All Starts with a Song, and One Lamb, One Cross, One Time. His most recent release, the album My Sunday Best, is a collection of the songs most requested at his concerts. His ministry, voice and piano have held crowds attention for years.
Bunch says, “I am glad to have Evie Hawkins and her team at EHA working on adding venues to my touring schedule. I am looking forward to singing God’s praise throughout the country.” Hawkins notes, “I’m glad for the partnership between Shannon and EHA. Shannon has a passion for his music ministry. He’s one I can say has a gift for bringing tears of joy and lots of laughter into his interactions with people. He is such a gifted artist who engages his audience with his phenomenal talent.”
For more info:
For booking:
11 Music Circle South
Suite 106
Nashville, TN 37203

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