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Following Mickey Bell At NQC!

Written by Rhonda on September 8, 2010 – 6:19 am -

Popular host Mickey Bell of “This Week In Gospel Music” is stirring  a lot of buzz for this year’s National Quartet Convention as he plans a week of “Following Mickey.”  Mickey is known for his extraordinary personality and respected for his knowledge of the Gospel Music Industry.  He has been nominated for Singing News Top 5 DJ’s, received the Paul Heil Broadcasting Diamond Award and named on 8 different Associated Press Awards while working with a CBS affiliate.  Although Mickey’s knowledge of the Gospel Music Industry is appreciated, perhaps Mickey is best known for his humorous personality.  Some artists claim his interviews are the “most fun” they’ve ever been a part of!  ” He has the ability to make you smile at any given minute.”(Nicole Watts Jenkins formally of the Perry’s)  The combination of Mickey Bell’s experience and charisma keeps audiences informed and smiling! 
A video crew will be following Mickey and capturing interviews with artists such as: Signature Sound, Jason Crabb, McKameys, Tribute Quartet, Greater Vision, The Perrys, Marshall Hall, Jonathan Martin and more.  Videos of the interviews and exclusive footage of “Mickey being Mickey” will be posted on .   Mickey is bound to capture memorable moments at NCQ and is certain to make the week entertaining for all.  The action will be taking place in Mickey’s booth- #634.
Don’t miss out on the fun- bookmark  and for more information on Mickey Bell or “This Week in Gospel Music” visit 

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Sharron Kay King, SoGoStage to Produce Behind-the-Scenes of Concept Video

Written by Scoops Staff on April 26, 2010 – 9:13 am -

{Bellingham, WA} Rob Patz, Owner of and parent company, Coastal Media Group (which also owns, announced today that will be behind the scenes of a Sharron Kay King Driver “Christian concept video” scheduled for May, 2010 in Walker, LA.

Patz said, “I’m so excited to take SoGoStage to the set of this annointed artist’s video production. As Sharron’s own video will be filmed, will do our own “behind the scenes” shoot. Sharron’s success in her music ministry has not been an accident. She is continously trying to get the message of Christ out to a wider audience, and we want to be on location to document her delivery of that message and this monumental milestone in Sharron’s ministry.”

Dempsey Howard, originator of, remained on board with Patz, when Patz recently purchased the website, and notes, “I created the website to bring excellent music videos to fans and friends of this music we love. I am glad we have the capability to shoot this behind the scene footage of Sharron as her own production is being made.”

“It’s an exciting project.” Sharron added, “The ‘Christian Concept’ video is being filmed in conjunction with my latest single entitled, ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ with the production expertise of Paul Catalanotto. In this day and time, people are having a hard time knowing what to believe, and we all need to be reminded to focus on God and the ‘word.’ My mission is that the single and video will challenge the listeners’ minds to not stop believing and to hold on to faith in these troubled times. It’s both a pleasure and honor to have video tape the process of my own film being made. I appreciate the faith Rob and Dempsey have in my ministry. This is what I believe in, and hopefully it will uplift and encourage those who are experiencing discouragement and a challenge to their faith. I’m looking forward to the possibilities and miracles that could come out of this project we are doing with my own film and appreciate SoGospelStage coming to Louisiana for this event. I hope the listening and viewing audience will enjoy the latest single, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ with the associated video and the behind the scenes shoot that Rob and Dempsey are so good at doing.”

For More info on this recording artist: (Represented by: Southern Spin Entertainment)
For More info on visit:,, and
(, Represented by: EHA-Nashville)

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Coastal Media Group President, Rob Patz, Announces Purchase of Nashville-based,

Written by Scoops Staff on April 12, 2010 – 9:30 pm -

{Nashville, TN-Rob Patz, President of Coastal Media Group in Bellingham, WA (parent company of SGN Scoops Digital), announces today the purchase of, Nashville, TN, adding it to the company’s growing conglomerate of media outlets.

Patz has been involved in the Gospel music industry for several decades and offers innovative television and radio media for recording artists and fans through interviews and production of original programming. In 2009, Patz purchased the SGN Scoops magazine, along with the Diamond Awards from Dr. Allen Smith, and continues to grow his business with creative additions, including today’s purchase of

Dempsey Howard, Nashville, TN, has been a professional recording artist and supporter of Southern Gospel music for most of his life. He is a published author, and recognized among his peers as an accomplished musician and businessman.

Rob Patz, President of Coastal Media, Inc, says, “Dempsey Howard has created an excellent resource site for Southern Gospel artists’ videos. From vintage to current, fans can find their favorite videos online at their fingertips. I am excited about acquiring this business and adding it to what we already offer at Coastal Media. Our mission is to get the word out by continuing to grow this ministry. I want to continue the growth that Dempsey has already established and  make him proud that he entrusted his creation to me. I invite everyone to check out the website at and see what we offer artists and fans alike.”

Dempsey Howard commented, “I am pleased with the exchange of into the hands of Coastal Media. With my other business ventures, including, I feel Coastal Media is an excellent company to carry out my original mission with the video site and allow me to devote more time to my other ventures. I have worked deligently to create this place for Southern Gospel music videos to be viewed and enjoyed. This music is my passion and heritage and I feel confident that Rob Patz will continue my original vision. This has been a blessing and privilege that the Lord allowed me to create. We have seen tremendous growth with and I believe Rob and his staff will continue to grow this business, as we share the same love for Southern Gospel music. I hope everyone will continue to frequent the site and utilize the excellent services that Coastal Media will offer.”

Coastal Media has contracted with Howard to remain on staff as the website Production Director for the next 2 years.

More Info:

    Coastal Media or Rob Patz:
    Released by: EHA-Nashville

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