Coastal Media Group President, Rob Patz, Announces Purchase of Nashville-based,

{Nashville, TN-Rob Patz, President of Coastal Media Group in Bellingham, WA (parent company of SGN Scoops Digital), announces today the purchase of, Nashville, TN, adding it to the company’s growing conglomerate of media outlets.

Patz has been involved in the Gospel music industry for several decades and offers innovative television and radio media for recording artists and fans through interviews and production of original programming. In 2009, Patz purchased the SGN Scoops magazine, along with the Diamond Awards from Dr. Allen Smith, and continues to grow his business with creative additions, including today’s purchase of

Dempsey Howard, Nashville, TN, has been a professional recording artist and supporter of Southern Gospel music for most of his life. He is a published author, and recognized among his peers as an accomplished musician and businessman.

Rob Patz, President of Coastal Media, Inc, says, “Dempsey Howard has created an excellent resource site for Southern Gospel artists’ videos. From vintage to current, fans can find their favorite videos online at their fingertips. I am excited about acquiring this business and adding it to what we already offer at Coastal Media. Our mission is to get the word out by continuing to grow this ministry. I want to continue the growth that Dempsey has already established and  make him proud that he entrusted his creation to me. I invite everyone to check out the website at and see what we offer artists and fans alike.”

Dempsey Howard commented, “I am pleased with the exchange of into the hands of Coastal Media. With my other business ventures, including, I feel Coastal Media is an excellent company to carry out my original mission with the video site and allow me to devote more time to my other ventures. I have worked deligently to create this place for Southern Gospel music videos to be viewed and enjoyed. This music is my passion and heritage and I feel confident that Rob Patz will continue my original vision. This has been a blessing and privilege that the Lord allowed me to create. We have seen tremendous growth with and I believe Rob and his staff will continue to grow this business, as we share the same love for Southern Gospel music. I hope everyone will continue to frequent the site and utilize the excellent services that Coastal Media will offer.”

Coastal Media has contracted with Howard to remain on staff as the website Production Director for the next 2 years.

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