Peace Family Ministries Formed


By Robert York


Jeremy Peace formed Peace Family Ministries earlier this year. He states, “Peace Family Ministries sets out as missionaries to evangelize, preach, sing and teach the Gospel of Christ to a sin filled world, lost and without hope.” They conducted their first of several scheduled services in his hometown of Rome, GA on May 31.

image4Jeremy was born in Rome, GA. He professed salvation at age of six,  but as life went forward he realized he did not have a personal relationship with Christ. In July 2008 the Holy Spirit enlightened him about who He was and August 24, 2008, he could no longer resist, so he accepted Christ as his Savor. During this time Jeremy had sung Gospel music with The Relations for a year and half and The Kingsmen for about three years. In 2007, he joined The Old Paths, met his wife Jennifer on the internet and married her June 13, 2008.
During his tour with The Old Paths he was part of four number one songs, “Battle Stand,” “God’s Great,” “Long Live The King” and “Love Them To Jesus.”

image2 (1)In 2013 he felt God calling him to preach and he started preaching. He continued to hear God speaking to him to go into full time ministry sharing the Gospel. Once again Jeremy kept resisting but he finally answered the call and has embarked on a full time ministry along with his wife Jennifer and pianist and vocalist Josh Townsend.

Jeremy states that his personal testimony is based upon the life he once lived as a sinner, the life he lived as one wrapped in bondage, and the renewed life he has been given to step out on faith with his family as an evangelist and singer.
Jeremy’s wife Jennifer is a speaker and vocalist with the group. She has previously sung with a ladies trio out of Ringgold, GA where they now make their home. Like Jeremy, she professed Christ at a young age only to realize she didn’t have a real relationship with Christ until August of 2009. After her marriage to Jeremy, they experienced a lot of hardships, losing two little ones through miscarriage, and having financial struggles. Today they have three children, Abigail, Rachel and Elizabeth.
image3Josh Townsend who serves as pianist and vocalist with the group was born into the world a twin, but his twin died during pregnancy due to a trauma his mother endured at the hands of an abusive husband. Josh was born with several physical problems and had a stroke. God had plans for Josh and he has been able to work through all his problems. He has a wonderful testimony he shares so others may see the wonderful power of the Lord.
Peace Family Ministries is ready to share the gospel with folks and are available to do conferences, revivals, retreats, worship services, concerts and can tailor the service to the needs of the people that will be attending. You can contact them on Facebook at Peace Family Ministries or on the internet at They will be happy to talk with you schedule and arrange a service to fit your needs.

By Robert York

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