SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday Top Ten: Watches Male Artists Wear

wackywednesdayThanks for joining us for another Wacky Wednesday on SGN Scoops. Today we ask the deeply spiritual question, “What kind of watches do male artists wear?” SGN Scoops polled about 18 or so artists about various things and tabulated their answers. We have used this (not so great) scientific process to create today’s Wacky Wednesday Top Ten (more or less)!

Our panel of expert classy male Southern Gospel artists gave us the following answers.


Chris Jenkins, The Kingsmen
Chris Jenkins, The Kingsmen

We’ll start with the fashionable answers… J

Chris Jenkins (Kingsmen): “I tend to wear Fossil and Michael Kors” Don’t miss Chris and all the Kingsmen in the latest edition of SGN Scoops, found on our SGN Scoops mainpage.

Greg Bentley (Crossroads): “Fossil”

Booth Brothers2 (Booth Brothers): “Gotta be any watch with the Fossil brand”


Then we move to the classic answers…

Scott Inman (Triumphant): “Rolex”

Joseph Habedank (Soloist): “Rolex?”

Billy Blackwood (Blackwood Brothers Quartet): “Bulova”

Joseph Habedank
Joseph Habedank

David Sutton (Triumphant): “Have no clue… I wear a Belair from Alan Sutton Jewelry, my brother’s Jewelry store!”

Gary Casto (Tribute): “Dress watch”


And then there is…well…the rest of them!

Clayton Inman (Triumphant): “No idea”

Booth Brothers 3: “Any that costs less than $200 with a few exceptions”

Phil Collingsworth Sr. (Collingsworth Family): “My cell phone!”

Clayton Inman
Clayton Inman

Shannon Smith (Three Bridges): “I rarely wear one”

Booth Brothers 1: “Cheapest one they can find”



Our Female Correspondents gave these responses:

Karen Peck (Karen Peck and New River): “LOL They don’t wear watches, they use their iPhones!”

Booth Brothers
Booth Brothers

Donna King (Zane and Donna King): “Over 40: TIMEX. Under 40: Fossil HA!”

Hannah Webb (The Rick Webb Family): “Tag Heuer or Fossil”

Michaela Brown (The Browns): “Rolex”

Lauren Talley Alvey (The Talleys): “I’m probably not the best person to ask; I’ve never noticed!”


SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday Top Ten
SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday Top Ten

We are sure you have come away from this feature feeling more educated about the accessories used by male Southern Gospel artists. Or perhaps…just entertained. If so, we have accomplished our goal.

Stay tuned for more of these indepth polls right here on SGN Scoops!


**Note: The Booth Brothers each answered each question but wouldn’t say whose answer it was…therefore we are leaving it up to you, dear reader, to guess whether the pithy answer comes from Michael Booth, Ronnie Booth or Paul Lancaster!