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Through the Lens of Craig Harris – Gold City at Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Written by Staff on December 24, 2018 – 11:09 am -

Gold City in Kentucky. Photo by Craig Harris.

Gold City in Kentucky. Photo by Craig Harris.

Gold City in Kentucky. Photo by Craig Harris. Gold City was in concert on Nov. 11 at Three Springs Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Gold City in Kentucky. Photo by Craig Harris. More about Gold City

(From About page on Gold City Quartet website)…Gold City is among those elite groups who continues to reach new audiences and consistently amass new fans Gold City in Kentucky. Photo by Craig Harris. who fall in love with their distinct sound as soon as they hear it. Now into their 34th year…Daniel Riley, baritone, has assumed the management role and leads the group onward into the future. He provides a smooth baritone vocal that blends perfectly with the other voices in the group but also has the versatility to step out for a solo with power and soul. Chris West is singing bass and lead vocalist Scott Brand follows a long list of dynamic lead vocalists and takes a back seat to no one…Tenor (Thomas Nalley) puts Photo by Craig Harristhe top on the sound with his high clear tenor voice…Dillan West is the Sound Engineer…read more on Facebook here.



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Gold City in Kentucky. Photo by Craig Harris.

Photo by Craig Harris

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Gold City: Authentic and Unified

Written by Staff on January 7, 2017 – 10:37 am -

Gold City accepts Diamond Award

Gold City accepts Diamond Award

By Paige Givens

In 1980, Gold City Quartet came together for the first time and added a new blend of voices that would change gospel music. Even though the group has undergone many changes in the past 36 years, with new voices coming and going, one thing has remained the same with this celebrated group: They still sing for the same One who brought them together in the first place! Their harmony on stage is only made sweeter by their harmony off stage.

Daniel Riley, baritone and owner of Gold City, explains the group’s current lineup. “This is not a brand new group with four parts who just got together at once. Group members have come aboard to this already established group at various times. So, each member had a different start date. Joining me on stage now are tenor Thomas Nalley, lead Scott Brand, bass Chris West, and pianist Bryan Elliott.

“Scott is our newest member. He had filled in a few weeks for us and auditioned in the process, but his first official date was at the Memphis Quartet Show on June 18, 2016. I think when we brought Scott on, we all knew there was something special happening, and it still feels like that now, on stage and in the studio as we’re working on our next recording.  I’m excited about this current lineup and what I’m hearing each night. If the feedback from fans and our peers is any indication, they are excited too.”

Since its inception in 1980, this Gadsden, Alabama, group has won numerous awards from fans and the Southern Gospel music industry, has sung and recorded many number one songs, and has received prestigious honors. Yet Gold City Quartet continues to remain grounded and points all success to the Lord.

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Written by Staff on August 21, 2015 – 1:42 pm -

Thomas Nalley

Thomas Nalley

–Gadsden, AL

Gold City proudly announces Thomas Nalley as their new tenor.  Thomas most recently sang with the LeFevre Quartet.  Group manager Daniel Riley says, “Chip Pullen, Chris West, Bryan Elliott and I are thrilled to have Thomas join our group.  We know him to be, first and most importantly, a man of God, a hard worker and a great voice to add to our team.  We welcome Thomas and his family to Gold City, and are exited about what God has in store for our future.”
Thomas says, “I’m thrilled to be with such a legendary group who still carries the standard of great quartet music.  The very first concert I ever went to was a Gold City concert.  That night I remember telling Jonathan Wilburn I thought I might like to sing full-time, and I asked him about how to go about pursuing it.  He directed me to the Singing News magazine!  So, to now have the opportunity to stand on stage with this group is like I’ve come full circle.   I know I have some big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of some of the greatest tenors in gospel music who have sang with this group, like Brian Free and Jay Parrack to name just two.  I’m greatly honored and humbled that God would see fit for me to find a home here with Gold City.”  Thomas adds that he’s thankfully always been a Gold City fan, so he already knows most of their songs!
Gold City

Gold City

Daniel says the group is hard at work selecting songs for a much-anticipated new Gold City recording. “We’ve already met with our producer, Michael Sykes, and we are excited about making some new music for our fans.”  This project will be a follow-up to their highly acclaimed “Hymn Revival” project, of which their latest single, “Power of the Cross,” currently sits at Number 9 on the Singing News radio chart.

Thomas’ first date with Gold City will be Wednesday, August 26, at North Glencoe Baptist Church in Glencoe, AL.
For more information on Gold City, visit them on the web. 
Thomas tells SGN Scoops on Friday: “I’m thrilled to be a part of Gold City! They have such an incredible heritage in Southern Gospel! I am absolutely humbled that God has opened this opportunity for me to continue to serve Him. The future for Gold City is bright and I’m honored to be a part of it!
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The LeFevre Quartet: Fulfilling Their Calling

Written by Staff on March 17, 2015 – 2:07 pm -

lefevre1By Dixie Phillips

Singing the Good News of Jesus Christ is a family tradition for Mike LeFevre. His roots in Gospel music run deep. “My father’s brothers, Urias and Alphus, started The LeFevre Trio in 1921.” Nearly a century later the LeFevre legacy lives on in Mike’s ministry with The LeFevre Quartet. “From the time I was a child, I had a dream to sing. Gospel Music was my passion all my life. In the beginning I sang for myself, but when I surrendered my life to Christ in 1988, it became my calling and I sang for the glory of the Lord.”

lefevre2Mike’s resume is very impressive. He began his musical career singing with his uncles after the legendary LeFevre Trio retired. Then he went on to sing with The Singing Americans, Brian Free and Assurance, and Gold City. Fans were quick to recognize his talent and ministry heart. He won “Favorite Baritone Singer” in The Singing News Fan Awards three years in a row.

135899The LeFevre name has long been regarded as one of the finest in the Gospel music industry. It doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon. The journey continues in Mike’s son, Jordan, a third generation LeFevre to answer the Call and sing for the Lord in an organized group. Mike is proud of his multi-talented son. “Jordan has been part of The LeFevre Quartet from the beginning. At first, he played the drums, but now he plays the bass guitar and sings lead.” Fans took notice of Jordan immediately. He earned the group a “Favorite Band” nomination in the Singing News Fan Awards, as well as the “Horizon Individual Award.”

Every quartet needs a gifted pianist. God blessed The LeFevre Quartet with one of the best in Michael Lott. At the tender age of five, Michael started playing the piano. At 17, he became a full-time pianist for The Bradys and later The Diplomats. Michael added, “As a born-again Christian, I am answering the Call of God on my life. I am thankful He has called me to The LeFevre Quartet.”

Mike LeFevre

Mike LeFevre

Thomas Nalley, tenor singer for the group, grew up singing in the church; but when his wife, Sarah, introduced him to southern Gospel music, Thomas became a fan for life. He, too, answered the Call to serve the Lord through song. His fans and colleagues appreciate his anointed singing and his compassionate heart.

Brandon Barry, bass singer for the group, fell in love with Gospel music when he attended his first Gospel music concert with his parents as a young boy. “When I heard George Younce and The Cathedral Quartet, I knew I wanted to sing Gospel music. When I was 15, I sang with my first group. I started singing full-time right after high school. Now, after 15 years of ministry, my commitment and priorities are to serve God with excellence. I want my heart to be true and pure as I carry out what God has called me to do for His kingdom.”

Jordan LeFevre

Jordan LeFevre

Mike feels fortunate that their group has been able to keep the element of live music incorporated into their ministry with Michael on piano and Jordan on bass guitar. “Down through the years there have been some musical variances, mainly because of advances in technology, but the message has been and will continue to be the driving force behind our ministry and music.”

Not only does the group have talented musicians and singers, but God has blessed them with some gifted songwriters. Brandon, Thomas, and Mike enjoy songwriting. Mike recently contributed a few ideas to Dianne Wilkinson for some great songs. Brandon writes for Phil Cross Music and does quite a bit of co-writing with Phil.

The group has been thrilled with their audience’s response to their radio single “Put It Right There.” Mike gave this testimony, “Numerous people have shared with us how the message of this song, combined with the power of Christ to change lives, has helped them conquer addictions. The song has touched lives all over the world.”

Brandon Barry

Brandon Barry

Marcie Gray, office manager for the group, said, “An interesting thing happened when ‘Put It Right There,’ written by Gerald Crabb, was released as a video on YouTube. Within a short amount of time it received around 130,000 hits and then the counter just stopped. We were so excited that it was reaching so many people, yet puzzled that it seemed to freeze all of the sudden, after the hits were climbing so rapidly each day. Then we found out what the problem was. YouTube had flagged it for copyright content and pulled the video. The link became invalid. The group’s record label, Activate Records, and their studio at Oak Tree Productions looked into it and proved to YouTube that we owned all of the licenses for the music and used the video material with appropriate permission, so YouTube put it back up. Unfortunately, the view history was lost, but even after all of that and without any promotional effort, the video has reached over 10,000 hits again. God is using that song, despite Satan’s attempt to get rid of it. The group has received numerous email testimonials from people who shared the video with a loved one or friend and used it as a tool to help them understand they needed healing only Jesus can provide. He is just waiting for them to, ‘Put it right there, in the palm of His hand.’”

Thomas Nalley

Thomas Nalley

Another song the Holy Spirit is using powerfully in the group’s concert is “Jesus Saves.” Mike is thrilled to see the audience’s response to the David Moffitt and Travis Cottrell’s original song. “It is an account of the life of Christ with a powerhouse lyric, speaking to the young and old, and breaking down barriers. It’s the message the world needs to hear right now—Jesus saves!”

Over the years The LeFevre Quartet has seen many souls altered at the altar. “Our group is inspired when we see someone surrender their lives to Christ in a concert. We get excited when someone walks down the aisle to the altar and gives God all their trials, fears, worries, and burdens. They leave the concert forever changed!”

The common thread resonating throughout the group is their determination to fulfill in the Call of God upon their lives individually and also corporately as a group. They are passionate about sharing the Gospel. Mike said, “We will continue in the capacity of God’s calling on our lives. Our daily prayer is that God would expand our territory. And as He does, we will answer His calling on our lives to the best of our abilities to tell the world, ‘Jesus saves!’”

Michael Lott

Michael Lott

The group and the family they leave behind realize there are sacrifices for their music ministry. Mike is quick to point out their ministry isn’t glamourous. There is a price for doing God’s will. “It’s always difficult when we head out to a concert and have to leave our families behind. We thank God for our wives and children who understand the Call on our lives because it’s their Call too. We pray when we stand before the Lord one day, we will hear Him say, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant.’”

God continues to pour out His favor and blessings upon The LeFevre Quartet. Many ministry doors are opening for them. They have appeared on the Jim Bakker Show, Trinity Broadcast Network, Dollywood, and Missouri’s Branson Belle.

The group has released two new CDs this year. The first was Something Familiar, for the fans who have requested songs like “Oh, What a Savior,” “I Know a Man Who Can,” “He Sent Me Running,” and “I Found Mercy,” written by Jerry Goff, who joined The LeFevre Quartet in the studio to sing it with them.

The second release in 2014 was Christmas Time is Here; their newest CD released just this month. It made its debut at National Quartet Convention and the first shipment completely sold out. The single from that album, “Children Go Where I Send Thee,” will be released to radio in the near future.

Mike LeFevre and friends at the 2015 Diamond Awards

Mike LeFevre and friends at the 2015 Diamond Awards

If you’d like to learn more about The LeFevre Quartet, go to Check out their tour schedule at to see when they will be appearing near you.

Highlights from the 2014 National Quartet Convention feature The LeFevre Quartet and their hit song “Jesus Saves.” You can watch it at

Written by Dixie Phillips

First published in SGN Scoops digital magazine November 2014.

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For You Tube of writer Phil Cross talking about the LeFevre Quartet’s song, “He Left No Stone Unturned,” click HERE. 







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