The Bowling Family – Available To Make Limited Appearances

Mike, Kelly and Terah will be available for a limited schedule in 2011.  They have an unbelievable testimony to share.  The history of this family is rich (the girls spending many years with their siblings as the Crabb Family, and Mike achieving many musical goals) and the blessings have been many.  But, the grace and mercy of this miracle has brought these folks to a place that overshadows the accolades of the past.  The path is obvious.
The Bowlings are reminded daily that God is still on the throne and miracles are still a part of our lives in 2010.  The ministry of this family will touch your life in a fresh way.  This story confirms what we all know.  The enemy tries daily to bring harm and destroy, but God has the final say!
Watch the story and witness the miracle . . .

Mike, Kelly and Terah will be available to make select television appearances and radio interviews during the months of October and November.
The group plans to return to a limited touring schedule in 2011.
Mike, Kelly and Terah made a special appearance at the 2010 National Quartet Convention.  This was their first appearance after their horrible bus crash.

To schedule a television appearance, please contact:  Crystal Burchette-Johnson 615-473-4619
To schedule a concert or church appearance, please contact Beckie Simmons 615-595-7500
From the Bowling’s perspective:
“When you feel as if your life is in the balance and everyday is a gift, you realize how real the grace of God is.  After spending lots of hours with Him, I know the calling has not changed and is even stronger.  I don’t remember the accident, but after seeing photographs and video footage of the bus, I have no doubt that God performed a miracle that day on I-85.  Kelly and I have committed our lives to giving back to Him and telling of our miracle.  The lyrics of our songs have become life to me and I can’t wait to sing them again,” Mike Bowling commented.
Kelly Bowling continued, “The day of the accident, I woke up to the sound of brakes squealing and felt the impact of the crash that broke my back.  I immediately heard screams from the front lounge that I knew were my family, children and friends.  After opening the door and seeing just how bad the scene was, never in a million years would I have believed we are all sitting here recovering and not one life was lost.  The memories of that day will eventually fade, and as I look forward to that, I want to always remember what God has taught me through all of this.  I know that Satan had a plan that day, but God had a purpose!  I now look at life so differently.  I feel we have a new vision!  The compassion and second chance given to us makes me want to wake up daily and help others.  When you have cried yourself to sleep over your own healing, then you know how to pray with others about their situations.  There is no way to express the honor I feel to know that ministry is my future.  I am more excited than I have ever been, in my entire life, to return to ministry.  I feel like there is a well bubbling up!”
“I know that the prayers of people changed the outcome of the situation.  Through Facebook and Twitter, thousands and thousands of people were praying immediately.  It is not the normal that changes people’s lives, it is the interruptions.  It’s amazing how when times are tough and tragedy hits, people bind together and love conquers all.  We have a new song to sing and when we get back on the road, it is going to be awesome!  Our lives have been touched and I know God is going to allow us to touch others,” said Terah Penhollow.
23 #1 songs
3 GRAMMY nominations
19 Dove Award nominations
11 Dove Awards including multiple “Song Of The Year” Dove wins for Country, Southern, and Traditional.
SoGospel News Award for Male Vocalist and Female Vocalist
18 SoGospel News Awards
Regulars on the Grand Ole Opry.
Multiple appearances on Gaither video series.
Featured on the Gaither video tribute to the Crabb Family (playing on television networks, 2009, 2010.)
The Bowlings are the only artist in Southern Gospel to have four #1 songs on one album (Faith To Believe.)
Mike, Kelly and Terah (collectively) have sold more than 1.2 million recordings.
Performances at major music festivals from Morocco to Country Music’s Fanfare held in Nashville.
Performances at Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn Tabernacle, The Potter’s House, to name a few.
Contact info:
Beckie Simmons
Kathy Hannah
Crystal Burchette-Johnson