The Kingdom Heirs with plaques commemorating their recent #1 hit song

KHPartySonlite Records President Chris White recently presented The Kingdom Heirs with plaques commemorating their recent #1 hit song, “Just Preach Jesus.” The song reached #1 on the April 2013 Singing News Radio Airplay Chart.

“A little over 25 years ago, the Kingdom Heirs’ first single, ‘Test Of Time,’ went to #2, just missing #1,” White said. “Many years later, we still hadn’t reached the top of the charts, beginning to wonder if we ever would. Now, the group has had a very impressive run to the top and ‘Just Preach Jesus’ may be the best so far. Its message makes it both timely and timeless.”

Kingdom Heirs manager Steve French agreed, adding: “‘Just Preach Jesus’ is a song of encouragement for our preachers and pastors. The key to our sermons and what we tell the world about is the same for today as it was for 2000 years, and that’s to tell a lost world about Jesus.”

The Kingdom Heirs’ current single, “Just Beyond the Sunset,” is quickly following “Just Preach Jesus” to the top of the charts. The month it released to radio, it was the song selected by the most radio DJs as a pick hit; in only its second month on the chart, it has already climbed to #20.