The Wilsons Sign Booking Agreement with EHA – Nashville

{Nashville, TN- EHA- Nashville 8/6/10}  The Wilsons have announced their booking agreement with EHA-Nashville. The Wilsons have been in full-time ministry since 1980. Though the five children they raised on the road amidst singing and preaching may have grown and left the group, Marvin and Gracie still have a fantastic ministry together. They were NACMAI’s Duo of the Year 2006 and won the Horizon Award 2007, 2008, and 2009. The latest member of The Wilsons is Sharyn Kay Graham from Phoenix City, Alabama who has won multiple awards as a solo vocalist. In the summer, Hannah Warrick, the 13 year old granddaughter of Marvin and Gracie, travels with the group. She is NACMAI’s Female Vocalist and Female Entertainer of The Year 2009 and has been on stage all of her life. They have graced the stage with countless artists throughout their 30 years.
The Wilsons are thrilled to be working with EHA to increase their existing list of touring destinations. They proudly state, “Regardless of the size of the congregation, we want to spread God’s Word through song and word.” Evie Hawkins of EHA states, “It is truly an honor to me that the Wilson’s have chosen us to represent them. I recently had the opportunity to hear them perform on the Branson Gospel Music Convention stage in Branson, and was moved by their spirit and message. The Wilson’s many years of traveling and spreading that message hopefully will continue on as we look to put them in brand new venues. It’s going to be a blessing!”
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For Booking:
11 Music Circle South
Suite 106
Nashville, TN 37203