Urgent Prayer Request…..


Please pray for Tracy Stuffle .  Today is Jared’s Wedding day. This prayer request is from Libbi….

Urgent prayer request for Tracy:
Tracy started Thursday afternoon having a fever and AFIB issues. We had to cancel our date in IL for Thursday night. We came home and all his numbers were pretty well back to normal. About 3am Friday morning his fever started back up and heart was more in AFIB. I brought him to ER and he was admitted. He has an infection somewhere, not sure where. I went to rehearsal & rehearsal dinner this evening, his mom and dad stayed with him. When I returned, his breathing was labored some. All he’s consumed with is missing Jared’s wedding tomorrow (Saturday). His heart rate has been as high as 190. They’ve given him several meds in his IV to try to bring the heart rate down, but so far it’s been unsuccessful. They feel he is having panic attacks worrying about going to see Jared get married. So, they have moved him to ICU to do meds through a drip. They have also given him Ativan to help calm him. Please, pray that things will get back in control the way they should be and God will just calm his mind and nerves. It breaks my heart for him because he has been praying and begging God to please let him go to the wedding. I have his suit here in case things make a turn around during the night. This is also hard on Jared and Lindsey. I will try to keep you updated on any changes.

Please join us in praying for Tracy and the entire family today.