Update on LaDonna Bates…



A page has been created on Facebook to keep up with latest on LaDonna. The page is entitled “LaDonna Bates updates.”

Here’s an update this am:

Update: They currently have LaDonna heavily sedated and will keep her that way for another day or so as her body recovers from the surgery. They did a post surgery cat scan which showed the bleeding that was causing the swelling has stopped! They expect the swelling will take a few days to go down.

The doctors will continue to run tests to determine the cause of her stroke during the next few days as well.

Our family cannot thank everyone enough for your continued outpouring of love and prayers. We are believing in God for a total healing!

We have created this group as a way to keep everyone informed and updated on LaDonna Bates and her recovery. We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, texts, messages and prayers.

At this time LaDonna is still unable to communicate verbally and is slow with physical responses. The stroke affected the right side of her body but she does seem to have some feeling there.

Amber Wolf asked her for a thumbs up and LaDonna shot her left index finger up which is fantastic.

The doctors are continuing to run tests and we will keep this page updated as we get results.

From Yesterday:

Please pray for LaDonna and Tim Bates. LaDonna had a stoke early this morning.

They are at the hospital now. We spoke to TIm this morning and he asked that we put this on every prayer chain out there.

Will you pray? Please also share with your church prayer list.

We at SGN Scoops pray that God will wrap his loving arms around this precious couple as He begins to heal LaDonna.

Thank You!